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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  January 19, 2013 6:00am-10:00am EST

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americans, human beings with our case, thi country with be greater. >> i want to apologize we didn't get to hear from everybody tonight. i promise we will bring you back. it's sad a lot of media outlets won't give bothhhhh >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's saturday, january 19th. i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for joining us so early. the manti te'o now speaking out about that dead girlfriend hoax that cap -- cap vacated the nation. how he went wrong and how he was downd. >> duped. >> the journal news finally removes the gun owners from web site. is it too little too late why are they staying defiant even now. >> lance armstrong's apology. >> you supported me forever through all of, this and you believed, and i lied to you.
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and i'm sorry. >> he wasn't apologizing to oprah there. he was apologizing to everyone else. more on his message to those with cancer he wants to -- he once inspired. can they forgive and forget? "fox & friends" starts now. >> top of the morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. it is so nice to see you. welcome to tucker. welcome to it ali. >> alisyn: thank you, thank you. nice to be with you guys. yesterday that's all we could talk about. manti te'o. >> clayton: weirder this morning. >> alisyn: i guess. i feel like he has clarified it a little bit. he had an interview with espn yesterday in which he talked about how it was possible that for three years he had a girlfriend, he thought, but he never met her. she was an imaginary
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girlfriend that he did talk to on the phone a lot. and that he had lots of internet, you know, exchanges with social media. tuck tuck it can happen. here is what he said. quote: i knew that it was crazy i never met her i didn't meet. alone people find out that this girl who died so i was invested in it. i didn't meet it as well. i tailored my story yeah he met her before she passed away. i wasn't faking it. i wasn't part of it. when people hear the facts they will know there is is no way i could have been part of this. >> he did admit in this interview, he tailored his story to his father and to his family. he sort of revised the time line so that it wasn't odd when they wondered why he hadn't ever met this woman. he says that he actually met her prior to her death. that's what he told his parents so that they wouldn't think he was odd for not having ever met this girl?
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here is what jeremy says he learned in the interview when he sat down with te'o. he lied to his father about having met this young woman. he tried to speak with her via skype and face time on several occasions. the person on the other end when the call would go through on skype was what he called a black skype. like skype wasn't working that day. >> i love -- i don't understand that what in the world happened here. i'm trying to face time you on an iphone. that's what he was trying to do with her. the other person would have to receive the call, right? so that someone's face would appear. so, what, is there just like a blank screen? >> yes. tuck tuck that actually does happen. >> clayton: not on face time. >> alisyn: this happens all the time. >> clayton: they must have had in this situation a woman when he was on the phone with her on a regular basis. so even when he would try to skype they would go to this weird
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black box and they would have a woman's voice. tuck tuck you are a world renown gadget expert. for the rest of us even linebackers at notre dame this is plausible. you are perceptive, do you believe him? >> alisyn: i actually do believe him. the part i find most confound something 19 or 20-year-old guy would never need physical contact with his beautiful hot girlfriend. that's the part where it seems like at some point after three months a college guy would say come on. tuck tuck wait a second. maybe it is -- maybe that's the explanation right there. he is 19 or 20. this is the world he has grown up in where so much human interaction does take place over the internet. it is we billiarding to us who are we willarding to us where you talk to people face-to-face where face tame is the way you communicate. >> alisyn: let -- that's a great point.
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yes, this generation cease things differently. >> he goes one accept further he is a huge start at notre dame. i went to the university of pittsburgh. the football players there were kept in a bubble, right? they are not allowed to go out and do certain things and kept in this sort of bubble. maybe that was his reaction. he is on the phone and the internet. he said he admitted at one point i was in school it never occurred to me to go to the hospital and visit her. >> alisyn: by the way that was another fabrication she was sick. one fabrication he was told she was in the car accident and in the hospital and they would talk on the phone all the time. obviously there was a woman part of this scam to dupe him. not just a male catfishing. obviously he had an accomplish. here is another thing we found out in the espn interview. manti did plan to meet this imaginary girlfriend several times to meet in person but she at the last minute always called off the meeting or he would even go to the meeting place and there was somebody
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else sent in her place with an excuse. >> clayton: that happened to me in college a lot. >> alisyn: this has to ring true to you. you had many imaginary girlfriends. >> clayton: meet at the student union and somebody else sent. my name is jeremy you were waiting for marissa she couldn't happen today. women would show up or men show up. this sounds like larger plot if you have all of these people conspiring: the fact that they had a guy answering the phone at certain times and put the phone next to a fake ventilator he would sleep through the night listening to this fake ventilator. it was a way he felt she could cope through the night. guy answers the phone who he thought was cousin or brother and then would put the phone next to a ventilator sound on some computer. i mean, this elaborate hoax. >> would anybody ever admit to tales this embarrassing if he
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was lying? i thought this guy ginned up this whole story to get the heisman trophy. after watching clips of this irchted view i feel sorry for him. i think he was actually taken in. >> alisyn: talk a quaint tans at notre dame who knew him. he has been writing at notre dame about this whole story. he will be at our show lye. in the meantime get to our evidence lines. >> clayton: let us know what you think about that at >> alisyn: american hostage frederick pitssio died during yesterday's rescue attempt. 12 hostage have been killed since the raids started on wednesday. there are americans still being held at this hour. u.s. officials rejected an offer by the terrorists to release two americans for the release of two convicted terrorists, including the blind sheikh omar abdel rockman that's the man behind the world trade center
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bombing. the mexican man who confessed to killing border agent brian terry during a univision interview is apparently lying. the fbi says gustavo cruise lozano brought in for questioning and admitted he was not telling the truth us just so he could get more attention. is he being charged in another case of threatening to kill a sheriff in texas. after harsh backlash the journal news we moving gun owner's names and addresses from their web site. president janet hathens decision to remove the maps was not because of the strong criticism lodged at her she says, quote, the data base has been public for 27 days and we believe those who wanted to do it have already done. so the decision comes days after two houses listed on the maps were burglarized. well, just before the second inauguration, the white house released president obama's new official portrait. and in it the president stands in the oval office with arms
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crossed and a big smile. while he looks more relaxed he also looks more gray. the portrait on the left will hang in all of the u.s. embassies around the world. and all the federal buildings here in the u.s. yes, being president ages you, which is why i am not running. >> his presidency has aged me i can say. >> let's check in with rick reichmuth now who is looking younger by the day. >> he has got the news anchor pose. >> body language is like hey, i'm not open to you. >> back off. >> back off i have got a second term. >> that's probably more like it. here is your temps as you are waking up this morning. not that bad anywhere. enjoy it because it's going to change. i was hinting to this last week there is big changes temperaturewise coming and they are on the way. prescription looking precipitation wise looking good. nothing that's going to cause major problems. we will see lake-effect snow
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next three to five days. some spots see big snowfall totals. that's in those areas prone to lake-effect snow. you are used to that this time of year. temps much better than where you were certainly earlier this week. these are the cold temperatures that are all bottled up across parts of canada and in towards alaska. look at this here, getting very close to the u.s. northern border. we will start to see the air make its way towards the northern plains and great lakes through much of this week. see that little pink there today? that's just the beginning hint of it temps not that bad anywhere. tomorrow, those temps start to drop. we're going to be only to 4 in minneapolis for your day on sunday. go towards the day on monday and we're not going to get above zero in minneapolis. that will be the coldest you have been in the last four years. 13 in chicago on monday. that cold air sweeps towards the eastern seaboard by tuesday and wednesday. a lot of people are going to get in on it. with that said, not much precipitation. that's the bright side.
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>> negative 3 in minneapolis. >> let's talk about the debt ceiling because all eyes were on this potential new controversy that was about to happen as we were just past the fiscal cliff. now we are going to hit the debt ceiling debasement now it appears house g.o.p. members are putting forth this idea. maybe a bit of an olive branch saying three month extension in the debt ceiling would enable them to come to some sort of a deal not without caveats on spending. turk turk tied to. the budget. the senate hasn't in three years. unless the senate comes up with a budget by april 15th. no more pay for members of congress. which might be a stimulus of its own kind. >> alisyn: there is a new fox news poll about how americans are feeling about this. all of our budget battles. here is the question we asked. is government spending being managed carefully or out of control? not surprisingly now 83% of
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you say that it is out of control verses just 11% who say it's managed carefully and those numbers have become more extreme in the past two and three years. >> here is another big question we asked you fox news poll should the debt limit be raised again? of course it's been raised every year. the majority of you said only after major cuts are put in place. 69%. yes, it would be reckless not to raise the debt ceiling. >> which of course is president obama's position, 23% one there because he says this is like we have run up our credit card bill. this is like not paying your credit card bill. we have already spent that money so you have to raise the debt ceiling. some people say stop the madness. whever the repercussions are stop it, cap it now. if we have to default we will. maybe we can skirt default somehow. seem like majority of respondents feel that way. >> 83% say spending is out of
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control. of that wonder i wonder how many have idea how big the debt is 16. it doesn't matter in absolute dollars this is the biggest debt that's ever existed and our credited rating has been down graded as a result of it? >> i remember as a kid i don't know elementary school or junior high when bewere talking about the debt it was something like 4 trillion. and our teachers asked us to wrap our heads around that number. try wrapping your head around 16 trillion. i just can't imagine. to pay that down how many years that would take. even with being smart with government spending. >> it's larger than our entire economy just to put it in some scale here. >> that's a problem. yeah. i remember when i was a kid going to the gas station and thinking wow why the time i can drive gas is probably going to be a dollar a gallon. i actually remember thinking that. here is what is coming up. president obama wants to do everything in his power to prevent another shooting, of course, like that one in new town. does his gun control plan miss
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the mark? we will talk to a gun owner about his thoughts next. >> talk about a tough break. a robber busts into a liquor store through a vent. unsuspecting turn. shelf lands on shelf full of liquor. a "starving artist" has an allstate agent? he got me... [ dennis' voice ] the allstate value plan. it's their most affordable car insurance and you still get an agent. [ normal voice ] i call it... [ dennis' voice ] the protector. is that what you call it? the protector! okay. ♪ the allstate value plan. are you in good hands?
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are prone to infections or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection ask your rheumatologist about humira, to help relieve your pain and stop further joint damag >> tucker: will the president's plan to crack down on the second amendment make this a safer country? fox news poll ask if they
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believe that gun laws help stop acts like the newtown shooting? 22 percent said yes. tougher laws can help. 71 percent said no people will still find ways to get and use firearms. does the president's action hit the mark? emily miller joining us from washington. good morning, emily. >> good morning, tucker. >> tucker: is there any evidence that gun control in the united states, a country with a second amendment. you can't ban this tfps not helping. it doesn't change anything. that was banning certain cosmetic features which is
6:18 am
what the president wants to do again. there is absolutely no evidence at all that gun laws decrease crime and the reason is simple. the bad guys are already disregarding the laws. they know there are laws against robbery and know there is laws against murder. ownership of a gun is not going to stop them from doing anything. >> tucker: to keep this in perspective from so-called assault rifles, there are about 310 million people in this country. 2011 there were 330 deaths from rifles, and that includes suicide and hunting accidents. so they there are not a lot of crimes, murders being committed with rifles in general. tell me what an assault rifle is. >> well, it depends. now technically an assault rifle originally, the term refers to the military rifles, which are automatic which means you pull a trigger and a lot of bullets come out. now the guns that we are talking at b. at all here semiautomatic. automatic bans regulated since 1934. not used in crimes.
6:19 am
different issue. in the early 1980s when the gun control groups started getting active they adopted this term really for fear mongering. assault weapon they use to define and the president using to define any gun that has four cosmetic features, general lay pistol grip so you can hold a rifle easier it looks like a handgun's grip under the gun. what's called a folding stock which is just so you can adjust the rifle to your shoulder. if you are smaller like me you would make it shorter. things like that a bayonet. so these aren't things that have any effect on the functionality of the gun. it's just cosmetic and basically things that look scary. it's not factually going to effect anything and anybody who wants to kill somebody can use any gun because all all the guns except for shotguns and revolvers are semiautomatic. pull the trigger once you get one bullet. that's how they work. these cosmetic things have
6:20 am
absolutely no effect except to be scary looking. >> today is gun appreciation day. some of our viewers may not know that january 19th. tell me as a woman living in a city, who has a firearms permit, tell me in what ways do you appreciate guns and how have they changed your life. >> tucker, to be specific d.c. is the only place in the nation where do you not have the right to bear arms. meaning i can't take my gun outside my home. illinois was the last state. a court just overturned that ban recently and the state legislature has a few months to put that into law. i can have a gun. i have a handgun. i have a six hour. it's at home for home protection. however, i can take it out. i will be celebrating gun appreciation day today by taking it to sharp shooter's gun range in virginia. >> tucker: amen. >> and do some target shooting. >> tucker: good for you. a licensed gun owner. thanks emily. >> thanks for having me.
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>> tucker: manti te'o says he was duped. do the classmates believe that story. a swatted team swarms the home of the kardashians. more on this baffling story next. music: "make someone happy" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ it's so important to make meone happy.♪ ♪make just one someone happy ♪and you will be happy too. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day
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>> headlines for second time over a month. honda announcing a huge recall. the auto giant recalling nearly 7,450,000 odysseys and pilots because of a drivers side airline problem. the air bag may not inflate right because of missing rifts. affected owners will be contacted next month. former new orleans mayor ray nagin indicted on bribery charges. is he accused of taking over $200,000 as well as vacations to hawaii and gentleman makeca. contractors and vendors doing business with the city. in return, prosecutors say, he
6:25 am
gave them lucrative city contracts. five other people have already pled guilty in that corruption scheme. >> thanks tucker. notre dame football star manti te'o really seemed to be grieving over an imagine area girlfriend's death last october. >> it came outs convicted. possibly a hoax. how do students at notre dame feel about this bizarre story are they standing by manti. he knows manti te'o. always. >> good morning, thanks for having me, guys. you knew them around campus. do you believe his story do you believe he was duped by hoax? >> everyone on campus is genuine. he has been a very caring guy. he wants to know everybody's story. he has been pretty honest
6:26 am
about, you know, in this interview last night that came out that he was duped. the atlantic director for notre dame. full support of the university and his own personal support behind him. what we have known of manti for the last four years this exactly matches up. he he really wanted to care for this girl. he thought this girl was real. he truly was duped by this human being who kind of cat fished him, i guess. >> why was there this silence on campus? it seems there is this criticism emerging a bit about notre dame and that they knew about this. there were some players who at the time of alleged death didn't put l.a.s -- around their neck because they thought it was fake. this story emerged on campus kept quiet or pushed aside. what do you make of that? >> i don't know that it was
6:27 am
outright disbelief in manti. there were certainly some skepticism that this relationship was strange. that your players on the team or if you are friends of manti and you hear that he has a girlfriend. you expect to see her. manti is a very likeable guy. he is a very popular guy. so, when reports came out that his girlfriend had died, a lot of people were questioning well, why didn't i know more about this? why hadn't i heard about his girlfriend? it wasn't that people were actively searching to know more information about his personal life but it did seem to kind of it did seem to come out of nowhere. people were asking questions why. and several people knew that he had never really met this girl. so i think there was certainly reasons for skepticism or for people to question what really was extent of this relationship and was it being oversold a little bit? i think that's a fair question to have. >> alisyn: tyler, help us understand. this you are in college. is this such an era of social
6:28 am
networking that it's plausible that a college guy could go years without physical contact with his significant other? >> college must be boring these days. let's be honest, tyler, if that's the case. >> i think there is a different era of social media for sure. but it doesn't make it any less unusual of a case that this could happen. it certainly is not commonplace that relationships are only online anymore. most people don't have virtual relationships. but, you know, maybe that goes into something about being a football player, especially at a high profile institution at notre dame that his schedule is so full. manhattany, you know he, manti was an all american player, in the heisman race. he had a the lo of demands. maybe it's just that something like that almost fits his schedule more. i think just the general nature of manti too and hearing a story of a girl having leukemia, he would really take the time to get to
6:29 am
know her and understand and try to help her. even if that scenario only came up in, you know, online messaging, he really did look to help this girl. >> clayton: front page of the "new york post" this morning has manti te'o with an actual live real girlfriend now. >> alisyn: or a woman. >> clayton: we know she is real though. that's one big step forward. what is the take on campus? is he with another girl now? do we know? >> alisyn: did he ever have girlfriends on campus? >> tmz reported yesterday that after this girl linae supposedly died that he had a girlfriend on campus for several months. manti acknowledged last night he did have a girlfriend about two months after this linae disappeared. i have heard reports that, you know, he was cheating on linae or this virtual girlfriend and that wasn't the case. he did have a girlfriend
6:30 am
afterward for some sympathy. it was nothing like cheating or. manti is certainly entitled to have a girlfriend. >> clayton: before we let you go real quick, what's the mood on campus. >> there a lot of it is sadness for manhattany. but totally in support of manhattany. that he -- he is being viewed as the totally naive and stupid. that is his character and nature. that's what sad he is a genuine person. he thought this relationship was very very substantial and it was to him whether this other person existed or not. but he was -- he cared for this character. and because of that, you feel bad for manti that this is going to follow him for a long time. >> alisyn: yeah. we got it tyler moorehead if you want to read more of tyler
6:31 am
moorehead's thoughts check out college thanks, tyler. >> thanks for having me. >> clayton: coming up on the show, disgraced cycle ler lance armstrong offering up apology to ones he he inspired. is his apology too little too late?
6:32 am
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>> lance armstrong was honest and contrite about his doping. yeah. i will believe it when i see it said manti te'o. [ laughter ] >> two sports stories this week. these are two stories that people can't stop talking about.
6:35 am
part 2 of lance armstrong's crying confession last night on the oprah winfrey show. you know. we thought we would get more information i guess about these scan tells. you have a lot of folks who have been following this for a linger time basically saying there was nothing new in these confessions. the anti-doping cataloged all of these things. amount to nothing more than blowing smoke. >> some were invasive. when pressed on some of the key allegations that he did it as recently as 2009 and there are significant reasons, denied and said '05 was the last time he doped. i felt this moment where he talks about his conversation with his son was maybe the one true moment in the interview and kind of poignant. >> clayton: he tears up a little bit here. take a look. >> when this all really started, i saw my son defending me. and saying that's not true. what you are saying about my
6:36 am
dad is not true. and it almost goes to this question of why now? >> what did you say? >> i said, listen, there is has been a lot of questions about your dad. my career, whether i doped or did not dope, i have always denied that. and i have always been ruthless and defiant about it that's probably why you trusted me on it. which makes it even sicker. i want you to know it's true. they didn't say but wait, dad, they just accepted it. and i told luke, i said, i said don't defend me anymore. >> alisyn: that's heart breaking, right?
6:37 am
>> clayton: see your son out there defending you when you know it's true and you denied it and gone after it legally gone after other people who have publicly come out against you. >> alisyn: for years and you let your kids dangle in the breeze like that. that's so sad and kids want to -- they will forgive their parents. they want their patients to be heros but they will forgive their parents. it took him so long? he has five children. >> tucker: it's not just his children. if you think of all the children who believe. go to kids' school and everyone has a yellow bracelet with his name on it. >> let's talk about that hero thing here. that's interesting. there is this idea and you talk about the cancer patients. the other people who believed in him. held him up as a hero and other people who didn't have cancer who held him up as a hero. michael jordan of cycling. there is this notion i read from a couple of cancer survivors who said we want our heros to bristle a little bit
6:38 am
to. have to faced a verse city, to come back. that's what we hold up about them. we see them have to faced a verse city but not to lie and to cheat. >> alisyn: of course. clay he answers that question in this interview oprah about those people who believed in him. listen to this. >> the millions of people who are wearing live strong bracelets weather physically, spiritually or emotionally to themselves. what dues to those millions of people who believed? >> i say i understand anger. your sense of betrayal. do youyou supported me forever. through all of this. and you believed and i lied to you. and i'm sorry. and i will spend -- i will
6:39 am
spend and i'm committed to spending as long as i to to amounts knowing full well that i won't -- i won't get very many back. >> clayton: body language expert i am not when you see body language experts or o'reilly show when i are saying something and shaking your head the opposite of what he says he says i am sorry. both times where he he is being conciliatory and is he offering an apology shaking his head the opposite way. >> tucker: read accounts from people who know him best they are all over this morning's paper watch this interview. they are not satisfied that his contrition is real. he held back facts. he continued to lie even as he seemed to come clean. pretty low. >> alisyn: we have a cancer survivor coming up on our show whether he he accepts lance's apology. >> tucker: deadly standoff gas plant in algeria moving into fourth day now. we know an american from texas was among the 12 hostage
6:40 am
killed in that standoff. peter doocy joins us live from washington with more. peter? >> tucker we learned that frederick who was working at that bp gas facility in algeria appears to have died from a heart attack. when they came in with guns blazing during an attempt to rescue hostage and kill kidnappers. he is the only american casualty we know about. so far there, certainly could be others. we know that u.s. and british officials were not given a heads up by the algerian military about that daring rescue that put so many u.s. and british citizens in direct danger. and those officials are reportedly not happy they were kept out of the loop. but, the hostage lucky enough to escape with their lives are thanking the a algerian government. >> i think they did a fantastic job. i was very impressed with the algerian army. very exciting episode. well, i feel sorry for anybody who has been hurt.
6:41 am
[inaudible] friends and family. >> the united states military flew a c 130 and c 17 to algeria to get more than a dozen wounded americans out of there. the algerian government continues to insist on dealing with the terrorists kidnappers on their own. they have not let any western powers like the u.s. or great britain assist them in any way at this bp come pleckets. secretary of state hillary clinton has been in touch with her algerian counterparts. she says utmost care must be taken to it preserve innocent life. at this point her pleas are focused on the six hostage believed to be in captivity at this hour. back to you in new york. >> alisyn: all right. peter doocy thanks so much for that update. up next, new york's new gun laws have one major glitch. it doesn't exempt police. could this stop them from doing their jobs? rod wheeler is going to weigh in on.
6:42 am
>> clayton: a swat team swarms the home of the kardashians. >> alisyn: there has got to be something illegal going on in there. >> clayton: details on that story straight ahead. and they won't be beginners for long. give a couple beginners a great idea, they'll go to where they can get the skills,
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[ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them.
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and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. >> 45 minutes past the hour. time for quick headlines. the robber crashes through the ceiling of a liquor store in texas. bringing whole new meaning to breaking. the whole vent came down as he was trying to crawl out. he got away with unknown amount of booze, cigarettes and cash. and is apparently still on the loose. all right. this was the scene at chris and bruce jenner's california home after someone called 911 saying a shooter was inside the house it turns out this call was the fake. making this family the latest
6:46 am
swatting victims. jenner posted this picture on twitter saying everyone is okay. controversy over new york's new gun control law. reportedly does not exempt law enforcement from its prohibitions cops are exempt. still needs to be put in writing. joining us is fox news contributor and d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler. nice to see you this morning. >> good morning, guys. >> what's the issue here? loophole 7 ammunition limit. basically police are in violation of this current law that governor cuomo signed? >> governor cuomo's office is calling it an oversight. and talk about an oversight. what he they are saying basically is that police officers, security officers, individuals that protect other individuals they have to take three rounds out of their 10 round clip. so they can only carry seven rounds. now, they say they are going to make that change to that law later on this week.
6:47 am
why did that happen in the first place? i can tell you why it happened in the first place. this was a law that was rushed through. let's face it. it happened overnight. all of a sudden now you have this new law where cops and everybody supposedly has to reduce the amount of rounds in their clip. the other major problem with this law is who is going to be affected by this law? not the good guys -- i mean not the bad guys but the good guys. the bad guys are going to continue to have 15, 20 and 30 round clips. the hard working honest people who legitimately have weapons. that's who this law is going to address. >> of course. there are about 150 million high capacity magazines already in circulation in the united states. >> sure. >> it's not like you are going to effect those. it sounds to me like governor cuomo never consulted actual law enforcement officers before signing this law. >> surprise, surprise. how many laws do they enact as far as that effects law enforcement or criminals, when they actually consult with police officers. rarely do they do that believe
6:48 am
it or not. that's startling. we have a larger debate about military style assault rifles. right after the nra's press conference. police commissioner of new york city ray kelly was angry at the press conference because he thought that the nra should have addressed military assault rifles. that there should have been some concession here. he was specifically talking about new york city. his jurisdiction. can we have a larger debate about this? does this law maybe prestage a larger national law. so military assault style rifle bans, these large capacities, ammunition clips. is that something we will see nationally? will that pass congress? is that something that needs to happen? i want to applaud the president for doing something. that something is probably not what we need to do. who is going to be affected by all of these laws? whether it's reducing the
6:49 am
amount of rounds a weapon can handle? whether it's the modification of the weapon. it's only going to be the honest, innocent people that these new laws are going to effect. just like you said, tucker. the love these weapons are already on the street. you enact these new laws. do you think the bad guys are going to come and turn in their 30 round clips? that's not going to happen. >> nobody needs more than seven rounds to defend themselves. it sounds like law enforcement officers think they do need more than that to defend themselves law enforcement officers do need it why do they need it? get a call to go to newtown and we know that individual is not following any kind of law, we're only going to have 7 to 10 rounds in that weapon when that individual display a clip with 30 rounds there? >> how do we stop that stuff then. how do we stop the bullet proof -- the body armor piercing bullets get on the street where the cops have to
6:50 am
elevate it one degree higher than that. that seems to be the issue. the politicians are talking around the problem. >> you are exactly right. that's what i have been saying all along, guys. we need to address the causes of the newtown shootings. the causes of the aurora, colorado shootings. what we are doing with the new laws we are addressing the symptoms. you take away the clips. is that going to stop newtown? absolutely not. is that going to stop aurora, colorado absolutely not. we need to address the we need to be focused more on that. our focus needs to be rechanneled to more of the causes instead of the symptoms. >> pretty mindless. rod wheeler, thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> that was illuminating. while millions struggled in the cold and dark because of hurricane sandy. this government big wig was warm and cozy. the reason why? he took home an agency general radar. >> plus, this girl really is on fire. we will tell what major gig
6:51 am
alicia keys gist scored. ♪ this girl is on fire. helped . i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history heart or blood vsel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. with chantix and with the support system it worked.
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it worked for me. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you.
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6:54 am
>> alisyn: an mta executive seen here named greg lombardi was demoted after allegedly borrowing a generator during hurricane sandy for his own use at his own house while thousands of people remained in the dark and cold. his salary has now been cut in half. does the punishment fit the crime? joining us this suffolk legislature. tom good it see you. >> good to be with you. >> alisyn: hurricane sandy left people devastated. people were without power, heat for weeks. some people. this why, this mta executive from the transit authority. we should let people know if
6:55 am
they are not from the tristate area helped himself to a generator that was in i guess it was in a cls set at work and he he took it home and plugged it in. what do you make of this? >> i will tell you i don't know the details of this fellow's situation. i was out of power at my house for about two weeks myself. the fact is that if this were the private sector, this may be okay. but it's not. it's the public sector. and we as public employees whether we are elected officials or appointed or civil service employees have to hold ourselves to a higher standard and obviously this fellow hasn't done that. >> alisyn: arguing hey it was just laying around here. i needed power and he is just resourceful. >> well, that may be his argument. the fact is that doesn't hold muster with the public. this it fellow is being paid with public money and you just can't help yourself to public products. >> let's talk about that salary he was collecting $165,000 a year because did he this has now been cut in half
6:56 am
to $83,000 a year. does that punishment sit well with you? is that good enough. >> i'm note sure. that's something for the mta to answer. certainly, they are going to look at this its swa. they have all of the facts. and he has to answer to his supervisors. we don't know what he has done. he apparently used other employees to do this as well. he loaded the generator with his employees into a public vehicle during work hours brought the generator to his home during work hours. you know. if you are him you have just had your salary cut in half it's pretty significant punishment. whether it's enough. that's something for the mta to ape. >> you are the suffolk county legislator thanks for your thoughts. >> that. thanks for having me. >> alisyn: manti te'o finally speaking out about that hoax.
6:57 am
house republicans offer a path to avert the standoff. pass a budget or congress does not get paid. what do you think of that plan? we report. you decide. i you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. for faster relief, try dulcolac laxative tablets. dulcolac provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days.
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7:00 am
>> alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's saturday, january 19th. i'm alisyn camerota. new information from the embarrassed notre dame star manti te'o. what he says he did wrong and whether he was a victim of the hoax or whether he was in on it. we will tell you what he he said and find out whether you believe it. >> tucker: they posted the names and addresses of gun owners. some of those gun owners got robbed not surprisingly. the journal news has finally taken that information off of their web site not because they wanted to. >> clayton: plus, what's in a kiss? a huge lawsuit if your wedding photographer missed the magic moment. so can you cash in on a big
7:01 am
mistake? a fair and balanced debate on this coming up. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ tell me you can feel it >> tucker: is it national popcorn day? >> alisyn: is this your favorite holiday tucker? >> i like it more than arbor day. >> clayton: next to ice cream day it's pretty good. >> alisyn: it is national popcorn day. we will be eating a lot of popcorn and sharing it with you. if you want to come down to midtown and we will be having lots of interesting flares. >> tucker: who doesn't like popcorn. >> clayton: we have some in the studios from the popcorn factory. >> tucker: i don't think you want to eat it with a microphone on. [screams] >> clayton: might make people jealous at home with my
7:02 am
popcorn 7:00 in the morning. the problem with me eating this now on the television my son is going to see this and think he can have popcorn for breakfast. i guess you can tell mom. >> tucker: national popcorn day you can. >> clayton: miles, tell mommy have popcorn for breakfast. >> alisyn: a very dramatic story that keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. i like your rivetted look. manti te'o everybody spent the better part of the last 24 hours wondering how would this have happened? how could for three years could this well-liked, beloved notre dame star have had an imaginary girlfriend? well, he has provided some answers now. you can let us know if you believe them. basically he says he was the victim of an elaborate hoax. >> clayton: he spoke to espn's jeremy shaft. he is down there in training camp training camp for the nfl right now. he sat down with him during a break. he said i knew that even -- i even knew that it was crazy that i was with somebody that
7:03 am
i didn't meet. and that alone people find out that this girl who died that i was so invested in and i didn't meet her as well. so i kind of tailored my stories to have people think that, yeah, he met her before she passed away. i wasn't faking it. i wasn't part of this. when people hear the facts, they will know, they will know there was no way i could be a part of this. what you hear in that sort of weird statement there, and here is a photo of his sitdown with jeremy shap. oit to tailor his parents that she died. >> alisyn: he told his parents he met her. he knew it would arouse suspicion that he had never met her. >> tucker: he was embarrassed. it's possible you get the sense from people who hear him is he a big hearted sweet kind of naive maybe not a super
7:04 am
sophisticated guy. is he a graphic design major not a hard sciences. is he a child of this era which is an onliner ravment social media era. maybe it's not as weird for a 20-year-old to have exclusively online relationship. i can't relate. >> alisyn: we talked to tyler moorehead a student at notre dame. he knows manti. yes in this day and age people can go periods of time without seeing significant other because of social networking. he said manti had extremely rigorous demanding time consuming schedule. he frankly didn't have time for a girlfriend. this fit his life as well. having an imaginary girlfriend fit his life as well. here is what tyler moorehead told us. >> campuses what we have known of manti for the last four years this exactly matches up that he really wanted to care for this girl. he thought this girl was real. and he truly was duped by this
7:05 am
human -- this human being who kind of catfished him, i guess. it did seem to kind of come out of nowhere. and i think that people were just really asking questions why and several people knew he had never met this girl. i think there was certainly reasons for skepticism or for people to question, you know, what really was the extent of this relationship. and was atlantic oversold a little bit? >> clayton: among the other things that we learned from this interview and we talked about this. he lied to his father about having met kekuia. he tried to speak with her and skype on several occasions. the person on the other end of the line was on a black box. it would just be a blank screen. >> alisyn: and a voice. you would hear a female voice. he planned to meet her several times. there was a couple times in hawaii. actually went and flew there physically to meet her. other people showed up in her stead. >> alisyn: he said the first time he met the guy who
7:06 am
catfished him the guy who was supposedly behind this whole hoax was at a notre dame game and i get that that guy approached him or took pictures with him somehow and also he says that then the way he was catfished is that the imaginary girlfriend friended him on facebook. friended him on facebook and started up a relationship. >> tucker: hope this is a learning experience for him. he grows up and meets imaginary wife and has imaginary kids and kind of moves on. >> clayton: that's right. catfish. if you have not seen the movie, it's pretty darn good. it's very like alfred hitchcocky in its approach. and i guarantee you over the weekend you will see that be a top rental choice. >> tucker: i'm trying to be open-minded and nonjudgmental. i'm 43. this is obviously not my generation. you don't have a relationship with someone you have never met before. it's not actually real relationship if you're just texting.
7:07 am
>> alisyn: people do it. is he not alone. >> tucker: they are missing out. i'm not against technology, i think social media are cool in a way. it's not a subsite for human interaction it's not authentic human interaction. >> alisyn: of course. the idea that a college guy could go three years without any physical contact with his extremely pretty girlfriend. >> tucker: that's self-restraint for you. >> alisyn: i guess that's what it is. let's move on to your evidence lines. tell you what else is happening. it was thought to be a potential break in the murder of border patrol agent brian terry. it turns out it was a lie. the fbi says gustavo cruise lazono changed his tune about killing brian terry once brought in for questioning. he admitted he was not telling the truth because he wanted to get more attention. he is being charged in another case of threatening to kill a sheriff in texas. well, in a surprising new move, house republicans are expected to vote wednesday to raise the debt limit for another three months. the g.o.p. says the move would give both chambers of the --
7:08 am
of congress time to pass a federal budget to apply even more pressure to the president and democrats, republican leaders say if a budget is not passed, they will try to prevent members of congress from being paid. is this a good idea? let us know what you think. which super star will kick off the super bowl this year? ♪ this girl is on fire ♪ >> alisyn: if only she had a good voice. the nfl announced alicia keys will sing the national anthem. third time singing at super bowl activities. beyonce is putting on the halftime show. that sounds like quite a lineup. >> i think she could probably come as close as maybe whitney houston pulling off that great national anthem. >> alisyn: she can hit those notes. >> tucker: maybe alisyn will watch the super bowl now. >> alisyn: i do watch it for that and the nachos and. >> clayton: the halftime show the rest of the game no.
7:09 am
>> rick: little hot dogs in a pun. got you covered. still warm across parts of florida. warming up a little bit. i will tell you we have got very cold air coming. in take a look at today's high temperatures. everybody into the 30's, 40s, 20's across the far northern plains. that's today. look at tomorrow. how this begins to change. only getting to minus 9 for a high temperature tomorrow in minot, north dakota. four in minneapolis. 22 in chicago. monday the coldest day in minneapolis that you have seen in likely four years. highs only getting to minus 3. the overnight lows are going to be colder than that cold air sinks way down across parts of that ohio river valley. it's not going to make its way to the south. that's good news for you there. places like southern georgia. down across the gulf maybe not as cold as it was this last week. as far as precipitation not much going on. that cold air moving across the great lakes not frozen yet. temps in the great lakes are a little bit warmer than average for this time of year. we will see very significant
7:10 am
lake-effect snow in areas prone to that where you get a little elevation on the downwind side of the lakes. out across parts of the west, looking very very clear. very nice week. all those cold temps out across the west better. getting to 78 degrees in los angeles. far cry from 40s you saw earlier this week. guys? >> alisyn: thanks so much, rick. >> tucker: brrr. disgraced publisher at the journal has removed addresses. you will remember a month ago the journal news published the addresses and names of registered legal gun owners and there was tremendous outcry. the paper in the face of that outcry has reversed itself and taken it off the web site. publisher janice hassan has an explanation for this. not sure it adds up. here is what he shoe said today. today the journal news removed the permit date from from the web site. it's not no value was served by the posting of the map in the first place. on the contrary, she says, we
7:11 am
have heard from too many grateful community members who consider our decision to post the information contained in the public record to have been a mistake. one of the most inverted sentences ever written. nor she says is our decision made because we were intimidated by those who threatened the safety of our staffers. we know our business is a controversial one and we do not cower, she says while cowering. >> the question is why did they remove it if it wasn't because they were i object tim dated and intimidated and had a change of heart and saw the error of their ways in publishing the names and addresses. >> why can't a newspaper publisher write a declarative sentence? >> alisyn: that's another segment and fascinating. here is why, because there was a law passed. because the journal news did this the lawmakers in albany state capital raced to pass legislation to prevent legal gun holder's addresses and names being publicized. that's why they had to comply with the law now.
7:12 am
>> does anyone in your household own a gun? and, you know, a majority 52% of you said yes. this is up from 2000. about 7% up from 2000. so more registered gun owners in households. can i imagine the outrage would be high among you. would you mind having your names and addresses published by a newspaper in your town for doing nothing illegal? having this information. >> tucker: the answer is pretty simple. the implication the whole point of this was to demonize people who own guns and to equate them or in some way tie them to people who committed atrocities like the newtown shooting. that is fundamentally unfair. it was an editorial judgment the paper made in the service of their ideological aims more gun control and they got spanked for it rightly so. >> clayton: there are reports this morning about robberies. >> alisyn: yeah there were two reports of robberies at the homes of people who were on that list. so, we had already heard from.
7:13 am
>> clayton: which is odd to me. wasn't that odd to you though? no. >> clayton: if you know that person owns a gun. >> alisyn: we heard from reformed criminals to say sometimes they were trying to steal guns. >> clayton: steal guns. >> alisyn: they liked to know which house had a gun either to protect themselves or to go and steal the gun. >> tucker: in fact, many guns used in crimes i would venture to say the majority are in fact stolen. which points out the absurdity of this exercise in the first place. people who register their guns with the state of connecticut or new york or any state, for that matter do not commit crimes with those guns. that's an axatic fact. >> clayton: argue. now you are didding to make people who don't have guns more open to robbery. in fact the registered gun owners who did nothing wrong those houses were being robbed because think had guns in them. >> alisyn: that policy has been overturned. so many of you felt strongly about that lance ample strong as you know overcame cancer. he was hero to millions of people. will other cancer survivors
7:14 am
forgive lance armstrong now that he has reportedly come clean to oprah. we will talk to one person who suffered from cancer next. >> plus the big screen's highest paid couple just named. we will tell you who is on the screen. love has pushed them all the way to the top. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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[ voice of dennis ] indeed. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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7:17 am
disekd part of the interview with oprah winfrey lance armstrong this h. this message for his loyal fans. >> what do you say to those millions of people who believed? >> i say i understand your anger. your your sense of betrayal you supported me forever through all of this and you believed and i lied to you. and i'm sorry. >> clayton: our next guest is a cancer survivor who once called armstrong his role model. jay plat joins us now. nice to see you jay. >> thanks, clayton. >> clayton: of course you have seen that the apology. do you accept it? not rely where he decided to do this apologizing in front of oprah winfrey is not the
7:18 am
right place to do it. he needs forgiveness from more than oprah. i was one of his big supporters. what you said about his body language told to say that rehearsed it and tried to emphasize i need to look emphatic and i have sympathy when i say this. i didn't accept it he has a long way to go in order to get people who that have cancer and supported him for slow so long before he gets us back. what a betrayal and shock. suing, you will remember, of course, he was accused of this. has been accused for years sued someone who accused him of doping. what should do you? how do you redeem yourself after a betrayal of this magnitude? >> ray read an article recently told willie rose vs. fakey row. there is many examples of real heros. military, police, firefighters. he could have been a real hero if he would have looked in the cam rand been really emotional and said you know what? i did steroids.
7:19 am
it could have been steroids that caused me to get cancer to begin with it's not worth it. me wanting fame so bad is not worth what happened. that's what he could have done for all the kids watching. you know what? i will take steroids too and i will be famous and i will make millions of dollars. that's what he could have done. he didn't do that. >> clayton: what inspired you about him in the first place isn't is that redeemable? >> i first learned about france when he first won the tour de france. i have a very rare form of cancer and when i heard that, i thought you know something i want to do stuff too. it inspired me that he he was supposedly coming back and not only just doing the tour de france he was winning the tour de france without taking any drugs. it really inspired me they
7:20 am
told me best years were behind me. i lost my left eye: i swam from alcatraz to san francisco with my hands and feet tied. only one of three in the world to have done that november 11th, 2011. i swam the mississippi river blind folgded my hands handcuffed behind me and feet shackled. i learned how to swim that way as a marine. i was taught water survival. i do those things to show people that anything is truly possible. if you believe in it and train for it really go for something, you can do anything. and that's what i -- the message i want to give. i did all of that without drugs. >> and incredibly brave. to swim the mississippi blindfolded and handcuffed. i'm impressed thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> latest -- colleges latest victims of obama care?
7:21 am
>> clayton: one of the wildly watched tv shows. abbey's success.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
>> are you interested in irish politics lloyd martin? >> he is interested in irish repression like all of you. >> this matters a great deal to you. >> yes, it does matter. this stuff. it matters very great deal. >> what's so funny? >> nothing. i'm just enjoying this vivid display of irish character. >> that was a scene from downton abbey. piece set in earliest 20th
7:25 am
century. pbs one of the biggest hits on television today earning a total of six emmys third season becoming one of the biggest shows in the world. could the show's creators right leaning views be what's driving the show's success? >> alisyn: let's ask our next guest elm mow jean lloyd weber is a journalist and author. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you very much. >> alisyn: i can imagine the pitch meeting where somebody said let's do a story for americans, a show about the british class system set in the 1920s. i mean, how in this day of reality tv could this be such a big hit? >> it is unbelievable. it's the biggest british costume drama hit since brides revisited back in 1981. it's more than 100 countries. all those emmys, season's three premier had quadrupled the ratings that pbs normally ever gets for prime time it has been this huge unbelievable hit. i guess we all need escapism.
7:26 am
downton abbey escapism. >> most political show i have ever seen. all the good characters. almost all the good characters are for tradition, for preserving the status quo. even down to the level of the servants. the good servants are for the class system and bad ones against it most annoying. matthew's mother. are for steering down the status quo. >> i have season season three. i have to completely disagree with you. i'm at a bit of an advantage here. the irish character does come into his own. is he going to be a big star in season four. we do see him with his shirt off. obviously very clean fun. he becomes a hero of his own. i disagree. it's good old fashioned fun. up market soap opera. it's okay to like it. smith one of the greatest actresses of her generation. >> she is fantastic. we have been meaning to watch this show for a long time. finally we watched on netflix. it's free on there. first episode of season one. we loved it we were entranced by it you make the point that
7:27 am
americans sort of are entranced by this british society. this royal society and we can't relate to it maybe that's why we have this sort of voiristic approach to it. >> everybody is curious. fundamentally you can sit and watch the show with your grandparents and your kids. it's just clean old fashioned fun. when you think about it what really is there on television at the moment where you can sit with multigenerations and have family viewing time? that has been the key to its success around the world. families can join together and talk together about this more viewers than mad men four emmys, 13 million viewers and it is addictive. watched that first episode i want to watch the second episode today. >> there is under current of niceness in the show. that's lacking in any scripted drama i can think of. >> that's the key here. the characters -- i think every character political way they are they are all trying to be nice trying to do the
7:28 am
right thing. mr. irishman has a point. come on we all heard of that in america. big irish support here in america. come on. >> alisyn: i didn't know this would turn into political debate. >> up market soap opera. >> alisyn: i love it imknow jean floyd weber. dynasty with a british accent? >> alisyn: fun. >> they were seduced by real life 007s. the women who thought they were getting in love getting revenge why suing them. that story coming up. >> plus, want to shed the pounds. sick of eating salad after salad, tucker? toss the lettuce. up next, we will tell you how you can lose weight while still eating comfort foods. >> clayton: i'm hurt you didn't use me in that example. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
7:29 am
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7:32 am
>> how did you feel when you found out that he he did, in fact, use performance enhancing drugs? >> oh, i felt betrayed. because you know, here i am doing my best being a bike which i'm great at and i love. i love being a bike. and then i find out that this whole time the butt that has been on me has been the butt of a cheater. a cheating butt. and that hurts. [ laughter ] >> clayton: that's brilliant. >> alisyn: we will tell you more of what lance armstrong said with oprah if you missed it. >> tucker: you don't need to be a bike to feel the pain. >> alisyn: good good point. >> clayton: rick reichmuth outside. >> rick: i think we have all been taken for a ride. >> alisyn: i like it. >> rick: yeah, it is not that bad.
7:33 am
we have a warm-up across the northeast in the next couple of days. enjoy it because it's not going to last. very cold weather on the way. take a look at the weather maps. temps as you are waking up right now. looking good. cold in caribou maine 5 degrees. aside from that not that bad right now. across the northeast see a little bit of leaskt snow. temperatures certainly more mild than we have been the last couple of days. the temps drop and monday a little bit more. by tuesday most everybody is going to be into the teens and 20's. the cold is on the way. down towards the southeast, we are also going to be seeing shower activity across the eastern shores of florida not that bad. back to 57 in atlanta. people there happy to see the sundown across the south after seeing so much clouds and rain this past week. temps looking pretty good. into the northern plains. this is where all the changes are about to happen. today things are looking just fine. tomorrow the temps drop by about around 20 degrees and monday we're going to be
7:34 am
seeing highs for almost everybody here at least below zero or maybe into the single digits. so a very very cold one. out as cross west. things looking great. after such a cold week that we had. we're warming up everybody and we're seeing a little bit of air problems because a little bit of stagnation. see a little smog for folks out across the west. you will take it over those cold temperatures. all right, guys. back to you. >> clayton: i love smog. thanks, rick. bp gas plant in algeria still under siege this morning by terrorists and an american hostage died yesterday during the algerian army's rescue attempt. peter doocy joins us live from washington, d.c. with more on this tricky story. good morning, peter. >> good morning, clayton. the american from texas who was killed was named frederick butachio. latest reports are that he died of a heart attack when the al jeez military came in with guns ablazing when they came in to free hostage and kill kidnappers. we don't have too many more details right now. we know u.s. and british
7:35 am
officials are upset they weren't given more of a heads up about that dangerous rescue pration before it went down. but that doesn't matter too much to the hostage lucky enough to escape with their lives. >> i think they did a fantastic job. i was very impressed with the algerian army. very exciting episode. well, i feel sorry for anybody who has been hurt. -- friends and family. >> the u.s. military flew a c 130 and c 17 to algeria to get at least a dozen wounded americans out of there. but that's the extent of u.s. military's involvement in this crisis at this point. the algerian government will not let any powerful western nations like the u.s. or great britain assist in the counter terror operations. secretary of state hillary clinton has been in touch with her counterparts and said the, quote: utmost care must be taken to preserve innocent life. defense secretary leon panetta
7:36 am
said just because this terror attack is not on american soil doesn't mean america won't hunt down the perpetrators. >> terrorists should be on notice that they will find no sanctuary. no refuge not in algeria not in north africa. not anywhere. >> at this hour there are reportedly six hostage being held at that bp natural gas facility in the middle of the is sahara desert. back to you in new york. >> thanks for that update. let to other headlines now. shocking attack of two arizona police officers has been caught on camera. let's take a look at this. here is a 25-year-old punching a detention officer as is he being put into a sell. other police came to help when caesar reuben moraz take as swing at another officer.
7:37 am
is he eventually tased and handcuffed. it turns out he was arrested earlier for attacking four rotc students as they raised the flag in front of their high school here. well, some adjunct professors could see their hours cut thanks to obama care. colleges and universities are pinching back on faculty hours to reduce the number of employees their health care they need to cover. employees working 30 hours a week or more need to be offered health insurance. up until now many relied on add jungts to keep their costs down. another amazing survival story for marine veteran who lost his leg in iraq after he falls 800 feet down a new hampshire mountain. he was with a dozen climbers when he he and two others were swept away in a avalanche. the group was there raising money for the special operations warrior foundation. an effort that he had spoken about on "fox & friends" just a few weeks ago. >> also something that every day person could relate to.
7:38 am
you know, everyone felt, you dealt with hardships and had to do with this. biggest things of these climbs we want to inspire through not giving up and overcoming anything. >> zeier suffered a jammed hip and twisted shoulder in the fall but otherwise he is okay. those are your headlines. go over to the guys eat some comfort food. >> get on over here italian lady. here is another italian lady with us now. only been a few weeks but many have already given up on resolutions to lose weight. >> fear not. we have the perfect diet. our next guest says forget the salad. eat the comfort food. can you see it right here right before us. joining us now celebrity nutritionist consultant show fat chef. author of "skinny chicks eat real food." >> thank you. >> i'm right that you are italian. >> i am italian. >> i am italian so pasta is something we are going to get
7:39 am
to at the end here. some people think salad is the only answer. sometimes we hear salads can be quite fattening. >> when you look at restaurant salad for example cheesecake factory caesar salad 1600 calories couldn't imagine going in there i'm on a diet and take the salad. you have this meal 145 grams of fat. >> also leave you feeling unsatisfied i feel a lot of the time. you say you have to eat carbs. >> you need to eat a combination of protein and carbs. i recommend people eat every three to four hours. i say all of this because first of all research come straight out of harvard that, you know, when you stabilize blood sugar your body is burning more fat. i have personally done and it lost over 30 pounds. that was the inception of my first book which i came out here as well. next book skinny chicks eat real food. you don't have to eat diet food or factory foods or sugar free this or fat free that in order to lose weight. if you eat carbs with proteins every three to four hours.
7:40 am
real food lose weight quickly. >> eat protein and carbs. avoid anything refined, your sugar and carbohydrates and salts and added preservatives. stay away with that. >> shows slow down weight loss. they effect hormonal responses in the body so they can cause disruption in sleep patterns. you know, mood swings. unclarity of thinking and they also slow down weight loss tremendously. good to stick with real food. >> let's get specific. you have right here cookies. >> you are asking me about these cookies. >> he wants the cookies. >> this is a weight loss segment. tell me what makes this different from a cookie i shouldn't eat? >> that's a great question. so, instead of this full amount of butter you would use in making a batch of cookies, i cut the butter in half and i use coconut oil instead. it is amazing. actually shown to speed up human metabolic rate it increases your immune system. there is two good things right there. speeding up your metabolism is
7:41 am
good. the reason why coconut fat or oil is a medium chain fatty acid. in that acid something called luric acid. your body has to work harder to burn through that oil or fat and you speed up your metabolism. >> that that's the snack. >> so i -- soy latte. >> clayton: start with breakfast. wake up in the morning homemade gra nola. i explain how to make it in the book. super simple a whole batch it for the whole week. lots of fiber and some good fats. i have got nuts, seeds in there and pair it up with coconut milk. the benefits of coconut are endless. much better choice. high in vitamin d. high in calcium. high in b 12 and magnesium. >> you need to read the book because she goes really in depth about coconut milk. >> alisyn: imexciteed about
7:42 am
that most excited about macaroni and cheese. tell us how we can all eat macaroni and cheese and be happy about it? >> who doesn't love mac and cheese. muffins. i use whole wheat macaroni in from. we are using a little bit of oil and a little bit of flower to make your base. but it's amazing because for two of these it's only 145 carolinas for two mac and cheese muffins. built in control. we can go out of hand with the mac and cheese this with the soup is under 400 carolinas for lunch. if you were it to get one serving in a restaurant looking at 700 carolinas. >> take away his coconut mounds bars. >> i love it. >> coconut milk straight. the book again is skinny chicks eat real food. christina, thanks so much for the tips. >> thanks guys. >> we were showing the veggie market pasta. >> i will be having this. >> tucker: what's in a kiss.
7:43 am
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>> quick headlines for you. james bond used the power of seduction to get the information he needed. group of activists suing real life under cover cops for using them to get information. a judge has ruled the group can go ahead with the lawsuit claiming long time lovers were actually spies. and this real life hollywood couple making news for their big screen row hans. robert pattieson and christian
7:47 am
stewart highest on screen couples. twilight saginaw film grossed more than a billion dollars to date. >> thanks tucker. airline fares on the rise in the new year. if you are still looking to travel how you can get to your favorite destinations on the cheap and save a pretty penny. great travel deals for this year. senior editor of travelocity courtney scott. nice to see you this morning. >> nice to see you as well. you have been looking into great deals for the new year. you start off with a european elegance tour which sounds great to he me. sign me up. >> okay. we are starting off with a vacation package. this is one of the easiest ways to save. it's a 7 night flight and hotel vacation package in rome at the hotel romantico. $1,068. steps from the most expensive street all of the designer boutiques are there. fountain there, spanish steps. the rooms are elegantly
7:48 am
appointed. beautiful, decorated ceilings. incredible italian experience. >> clayton: fly out of jfk. seven nights. that includes hotel and airfare. >> $1,068. >> sign me up. something tells me by the end of the show that deal will be gone. deal number 2 is a family cruise. get the family out not just a romantic get away. >> right now we are in wave season. cyber monday. lasts from january to february. getting 65% off pretty much every cruise right now. and this is a six night western caribbean cruise on carnival's newest fun ship called the carnival breeze. it was rated 2012 cruise critics best ship it goes from miami to jamaica. caicos, the bahamas, $840. that includes six nights and a flight. >> six nights and a flight. amazingment deal number three. seven night escape to paradise in the bahamas. >> that's right. this is the colonial british colonial hilton nassau.
7:49 am
close to the airport. i like it for the convenience but it feels like it's worlds away. hotel underwent multi-million-dollar renovation. can you expect luxury marble lobby. snorkeling on the beach and watch the cruise ships come in and out of the port. really great. it's only $698 for the flight and hotel package. >> clayton: that's amazing. deal number 4 is to beaver creek in colorado for ski -- we are in the middle of ski season right now. >> we are indeed. beaver creek seven night vacation package at the beaver creek lodge. a.a.a. four diamond rated property expect only the best in service and accommodation. all of the rooms here are two room suites. $1,677. a little bit higher. but you get with this package travelocity's new concierge servic help you with restaurant reservations. tickets to the velar center. take a trip of up up the
7:50 am
mountain. >> clayton: any restriction. >> these are booked on the 29th of january through the fifth of february. depending on your dates these deals are available pretty much for the month of january and february. >> clayton: nice. so you have a little time to make up your mind. courtney scott thank you so much for bringing great deals. check out travelocity great time. >> thank you. coming up on the show. it's the day you have dreamt of forever. the photographer misses the magic moment. the first kiss. the couple now suing for missing that photo. but do they have a case? the big debate is next. [ male announcer ] when these come together, and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> alisyn: picture this. you put together your dream wedding but just as you are about to seal the deal with a kiss, the photographer misses the magic moment. that's what happened to this couple, and they have sued the photographer over it. so do they have a case? fox news legal analyst arthur aidala and defense attorney jona are here to weigh in. great to have you. >> weigh in? i didn't sign up for weight watchers. >> alisyn: we tend to overuse that expression over here. this is the money shot much, the kiss that seals the wedding jona and the photographer misses it. do they have a case? >> nope. listen, weddings just like marriages are unpredictable. and if you want a guarantee that you are going to get the money shot, here is what you do, you have to spend auto bucks ahead for two of your closest friends to get drunk during cocktail hour. recreate first moments. then you are guaranteed. they didn't do that no big deal. >> imagine these camera men are here and they get paid to
7:55 am
film the show but the camera right now over there. you don't hire a photographer to merely be present. it's to capture quote, unquote significant moments of the event. here it was the first kiss. it was the signing of their document and it was the cutting of the ribbon which whatever they do in australia about cutting the ribbon. i'm not sure how that fits. in he missed all of those key moments. may have somebody eating a big shrimp cocktail whatever the shrimp on the barbe down there. >> you can't recreate the kiss. do you during the cocktail hour recreate some of your photographers but not the kiss at the altar. >> this photographer said it was their fault. and the reason was they went in too quick. you have got to lean in, mean it you have got to lean in and mean it. >> shutters like you can take 1400 pictures in a second. they like they have too much of a quick smooch. >> that's why he couldn't get it here is another. you and i probably both know this. with the divorce rate up at
7:56 am
71% and a couple of years they are not going to care about these. >> oh. >> i don't have time to fight over box of rubber bands they won't fight over the wedding photographs. >> longer kisses and won't have any problems with the photographer. >> alisyn: and not lead to a divorce preferably. >> 71%. >> alisyn: thanks for the heart warming. arthur aidala. >> long its at the altar. that's a lesson to be learned. >> alisyn: that the smes sage. meanwhile, notre dame's manti te'o finally speaking out about the hoax that he says he was the victim of. captured the nation's attention. we will hear his side of the story coming up. how far to explain to our children when their heros fall from grace. governor mike huckabee has some thoughts on that. we will hear from him at the top of the hour.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's saturday, january 19th. i'm alisyn camerota. no way, not ever. those are the words of manti te'o breaking silence and denying he had any part in the dead girlfriend hoax. what he says happened and what he is doing with this live girlfriend. we'll explain all of that. >> clayton: have to distinguish them now. >> tucker: part two of apology tour lance armstrong appears to come clean with those who thought he was a hero. >> you supported me forever. through all of this. and you believed and i lied to you. and i'm sorry. >> tucker: does he deserve your forgiveness? governor mike huckabee here to weigh in.
8:01 am
>> clayton: cash rusty gold. >> we're looking for amazing things buried in people's garages and barnes. what most people sees a junk, we sees a dollar signs. >> clayton: one of the stars of the hit show american pickers mike wolf will be here live with us coming up. he can help us find treasure live in the studio. do you think it's in here? >> alisyn: it would have to be really buried. >> clayton: "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> tucker: look at that. >> alisyn: that's my ride, tucker. >> tucker: it's the confluence of everything. gun appreciation day. national popcorn day. appears to be harley davidson motorcycles parked outside our
8:02 am
studio. >> alisyn: american pickers turn our trash into treasure or at least find our treasure buried here in the studio. >> clayton: he brought those motorcycles also going on is the new york city motorcycle show. >> alisyn: you are celebrating national popcorn day all on your own. >> clayton: we need more of these food related holidays. >> clayton: totally agree. >> clayton: that's cinnamon covered popcorn. >> alisyn: last one sea salt and pepper is like crack it's so good. >> clayton: if you need me to lead off headlines. you try this. i will read this first story. >> alisyn: oh my gosh. >> clayton: headlines this morning. manti te'o breaking silence on dead girlfriend hoax that shocked the nation. interview with espn last night. te'o denied having anything to do with the hoax at all. he was convinced that his online girlfriend linae kekua was real. that's until this man --
8:03 am
admitted he made her up. maybe i should have had you read that gosh, i didn't know what i was getting into. i would have sounded better if i had popcorn in my mouth when i read that meanwhile a new picture emerging this morning of te'o and new girlfriend. this girl is real it was taken months after he thought his online girlfriend died. it's unclear though if these two are now dating or if they were. >> alisyn: or if santa stole her away. >> tucker: or if that's been photo shopped or the actual santa claus in the picture. there is a lot we don't know. >> alisyn: this is the new reality. in a surprising new move, house republicans are expected to vote webs to raise the debt limit for another three months. the g.o.p. says the move would give both chambers of commerce time to pass a federal budget. to apply even more pressure to the president and democrats, republican leaders say if a budget is not passed, they will try to prevent members of congress from being paid. so is this a good idea? let us know what you think. can you find us all on twitter. well, of the mental can man who confessed to killing
8:04 am
border was lying. gustavo was brought in for questioning and admitted he was not telling the truth just so he could get more attention. is he being charged in another case of threatening to kill a sheriff in texas. so the t.s.a. is getting rid of those controversial full body scearns scanners. couldn't find a way to get rid of the naked images. this is what everybody was worried about when we first heard about scanners. >> we can't delete them we don't know how. >> alisyn: used x-rays, prompting concerns over radiation. all the scanners will be removed from airports by june. i wonder how much those cost? however, the other full body scanners that stick figures of passengers will still be used. that wasn't actually a punch line. >> clayton: really? >> tucker: i feel safer. perfect scanners, they get the
8:05 am
view naked. >> alisyn: keep the images. >> clayton: through story i went through one of those naked scanners they saw my naked body and the machine exploded. true story. let's check when n. with rick reichmuth. >> rick: i want to see the stick figure one. >> clayton: stick figure and someone packing heat on a stick figure. >> rick: feeling very thin today. i like that. here is your temps as you are waking up. not that bad anywhere. big changes happen. midwest last hour. take a look what's about to happen in towards the northeast. these are the two areas that are mostly going to be impacted by the cold air. it's going to make its way out towards the south. today not that bad. everybody into the 40s and 50s. tomorrow you start to see that colder air make its way in from the west getting to 25 in detroit. and then by that should say monday, not tuesday. it's good to be even colder across parts of the coast. by the time we get to tuesday people are going to be seeing highs in the low 20's. cold. coastal areas big cities we're
8:06 am
not talking about a snow event along with the cold air a. just cold, no snow. back across the great lakes. there will be snow. wind moving across the lakes: not frozen yet. some of those areas favored with elevation. see significant snowfall. maybe number of feet. 2 to 3 feet of snow by the time we get towards say wednesday. out across the west. just very clear. all that cold air is gone. temps have really warmed up here quite a bit. in fact, we're going to be seeing 70s return all the way across parts of the south. l.a. back to 78 today. not that bad today. it's tomorrow that we start to see the cold air move on. in back to you. >> clayton: thanks so much, rick. let's bring in governor mike huckabee now because when we want to talk about culture and things affecting this country who better to talk about it. >> he wasn't available so i'm here. cha clay governor huckabee is here instead. great to see you as always. we have been talking about lance armstrong, manti te'o. it gets to us thinking when we have these sort of heros we hold in high regard. is there some sort of broader
8:07 am
cultural question that needs to be addressed? we hold these heros in high regard. we're surprised when they fall from grace. does it say something about our culture that we hold these individuals in such high regard and maybe don't expect these things to happen? >> i think a lot of americans and a lot of people it's intuitive that we vicariously live our own dreams through people that who do things that we know deep down can never do. whether it's score 100 points in a basketball game or whether it's hit 10 home runs during a game. sometimes we equate heroism with something that is an athletic skill or even entertainment skill. real heroism is when you sacrifice yourself for the better of someone else. not when you simply do something that makes you rich and famous. >> clayton: when we hear from veterans who come back and they never talk about themselves. >> they are heros. they are heros. >> clayton: other people are talking about them. they are never talking about themselves. >> yeah. >> clayton: they always talk about themselves as part of a group that other individuals
8:08 am
would have done the same thing i did to save those people. >> we have a crude up value system. let's face it i don't begrudge the fact that madonna can go out in her 50s in skimpy underwear and make $50 million a year. i have to wonder if she is providing thatch value compared to a fighter. of course not. that's our value system. we highly value people who can shake their back side in a provocative way or maybe who can pretend to be somebody as an actor. again, acting is a craft. but the real heros are the people who take great risks to themselves to save a child in icy water. or the people who rush into a fire to bring out an he elderly lady. those are people. we don't put posters of them on our wall and we don't pay them. teamers are heros. think about the teachers and sacrifices they make to become teachers and put up what they put up with.
8:09 am
most people people wouldn't become teachers if you gave them a pistol whip and all the tools to control a classroom. it's the reality of our culture these are the scingses that go every 00 heads of a lot of kids on critically accept the idea that their heros on the field are heros in life. how do you explain the fall of something like lance armstrong or the confusion surrounding a story like the one notre dame. >> integrity. at this time it's about honor. you raise your kids to tilt truth. raise them it every decision they make and everything they say has consequences and there is a penalty for not telling the truth. this is what barack obama say teachable moment. this could be a teachable moment for parents to take their young children do you see this man? he lived with millions of dollars and accolades of the world and now his life is disgraced on his tombstone he will never be remembered having won seven tour de
8:10 am
france. he will be remembered as a serial liar, as a cheater as a person to it ho betrayed the trust of those closest to him. >> alisyn: lying that trips you up and disgraces you more than the crime. >> yeah. >> alisyn: let's move on to gun control. the president came out and signed 23 executive orders this week and talked about what he would will will push for in terms of eliminating certain types of weapons and magazines. how do you feel about what was announced this week? >> first of all the executive orders were largely cosmetic what basically said was we are going to start doing what we should have been doing all along. we are going to enforce some the federal laws. wow, what a revelation. the tragedy is the other things is he proposing. legislative issues which i hope find themselves quickly disappearing into vapor because they do nothing to prevent crime. they are all about punishing people who haven't broken the
8:11 am
law. criminal background checks. 91% fox news poll agree with that. >> criminal background checks. we do background checks now if you get a conceal carry. do you it if you go and buy a handgun. instant background checks is not a big issue. however, if we're going to do background checks on people who are again, legal firearm owners. fine. let's do background checks on people when they register to vote. i have suggested and i'm not being facetious. i think if a person runs for public office they ought to have a background check. let's find out if they have paid their bills. >> alisyn: doesn't the media comb through much of their history? they try to. >> selectively. >> if we are all in agreement that background checks are so important. of course background checks would have stopped none of these shootings. >> no. >> tucker: why is it that this administration has failed to follow up on people whose background checks have prevented them from buying weapons. last year there was over
8:12 am
70,000 people who couldn't bay weapon because background check flagged something. of those fewer than a hundred were prosecuted. they are not enforcing existing gun laws. >> well, the fast and furious and i know that it's brought up a lot. but the fact is we helped put seriously dangerous weapons not into the hands of legal citizens but in the hands of drug dealers who ended up murdering people. i think this administration has a lot to account for before it starts asking me to give up the amount of rounds that i can put in a magazine to protect my home and my family. >> alisyn: what do you wish the president president -- what action do you wish the president had talked about or done to actually stop a newtown from happening again? >> if you were president. you ran for president. >> don't remind me it didn't end well. >> would you have said let these things disappear and let's not really not handle this? what specific actions would a president huckabee put forward. >> i was a governor when the
8:13 am
jonesboro shooting happened. one of the things we had to look at for example we had laws that needed to be revised because we never anticipated 11 and 12-year-olds committing mass murder. i think you look at are there laws that you don't have that need to be there and are their laws that you have that aren't doing any good? disarming the one group of people who might prevent that is not a good idea. so, you know, the question is: make sure that what you do doesn't do more harm than it does good is the medical version of hippocratic oath. it ought to be applied here. there is no data to suggest that if you reinstate the so-called -- i always use the word so-called assault weapon ban that you will save any lives because it doesn't. we have done it before and it failed. most people don't understand what you are talking about a an assault weapon is cosmetic. i went hunting this week. i went deer hunting. the rifle i used is far more powerful than one of these so-called weapons to be banned.
8:14 am
>> tucker: no one is even pretending? >> no. there is no pretense there. >> alisyn: stick around, governor. >> okay. >> tucker: did you think the election was over. the president is putting campaign team back on the the trail and you are paying for it so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands?
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
>> tucker: campaign team got president obama elected twice being organized into tax exempt political group. >> the team organizing for action familiar faces robert gibbs, campaign manager. messina. david axelrod and stefanie cutter. >> we heard from gibbs this week on this particular issue if the nra wants to put forward their list we have got our own list. if they want to fight us on this, bring it on because we have got our own list. they are mobilizing because they think they have the people and numbers hind them to do it? >> fine. this is america. people have the right to organize. they have the right to express themselves but i do find one point of this very very amazingly ironic. he they are tax exempt. i thought we were all supposed to be patriotic and pay our
8:18 am
fair share. why would the president set up an organization that specifically uses that loophole in the law that allows them to be tax exempt when they could be paying their fair share because this is a multi-million-dollar operation, right? so that puts them in the 1% of organizations across america. i say, mr. president, fine. go ahead and have your organization, pay taxes on it like the rest of us have to when we get out and speak in our businesses and personal lives. >> alisyn: governor, what's the mission statement of this group and how is that going to differ from what the dnc does? >> they will work in concert with the mainstream media to provide a double edge sword so that the president's message is not only on the official networks of record but it will also now be on a pure campaign mode. >> alisyn: i'm picking up what you are putting down with facetiousness: they will be campaigning for the president's issues. >> yeah. i will be honest with you i don't have a problem that they would gin up with a very
8:19 am
sophisticated organization to push his agenda. fine. i don't think that's illegal or immoral thing. he has agenda. he wants to push it the point i have is to let it be tax exempt when it is is a purely political operation that i have a problem with. >> tucker: it will be interesting to track the narrowives, the story lines this group puts out and all the various left wing organizations put out with the media story line. >> the "new york times" on one side. >> tucker: you want to make this a conversation about the nra as if they are the ones that shot up schools around the country. don't want to make it about mental health and decline of the culture. make it about nra and the media goes along with that. >> of course they do. i want to ask how many nra members have committed mass murder? >> i don't think any. >> i'm a life member of nra which means i don't have to pay duce -- do you see dues. i'm not a gun nut. i believe in freedom and right to protect myself. i don't want the government saying the criminals are able to have anything they want
8:20 am
because they will get it. they already have it and they will keep it they are not going to turn theirs in. but if they break into my house four or five of them at a time, i'm supposed to somehow be greatly under armed to fend them off. that's crazy i think by anybody's sensible definition. >> tucker: governor huckabee, thank you. >> always a pleasure. >> alisyn: do you want to tell us about your sure. >> it's going to be great. steve and matt who were in the congress back in the 1990s during the republican takeover of the house. they left after their promised six years. now they are back and we're going to talk about what differences do they see in the environment in which they are in. going to be really good show tonight. >> interesting. >> 8:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. governor, thank you. coming up on the show. a big automaker recalling hundreds of thousands of cars this morning because air bags may not work. the details you need to know about next. >> tucker: manti te'o culture to blame for destroying
8:21 am
personal relationships and should online dating be avoided all together? is it actual dating if you don't meet the person you are dating? how weird is that? a fair and balanced debate coming up. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur
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8:23 am
8:24 am
>> alisyn: we told you notre dame star linebacker manti te'o breaking his silence last night and denying that he he had any role in that fake girlfriend hoax, other than being a victim. te'o says he was the one duped into believing that he had a real relationship with a girl online. now that we know his side of the story, does it expose the payrolls of -- perils of the social media world. is the internet destroying real relationships. dr. keith ablow a forensic psychiatrist and fox news
8:25 am
medical contributor and diana falzon for fox 411. great to have both of you here. dr. ablow, let me start with you. do you think that it is is our social media culture that allows primarily college kids and high school kids to be more susceptible to this kind of hoax? >> absolutely. after all, college kids and younger kids are constantly on facebook where they have people they call quote, unquote friends, hundreds or thousands of them they aren't friends they are fictionalizing differences. they are able to cherry pick the feedback they want and even block people who might comment negatively upon them. and they post photos of themselves, hundreds, sometimes thousands of photos, which would have been unheard of before and contributes to an incredible sense of narcissism and almost delusional existence. >> alisyn: diana, you know this all too well. you run a dating advice column
8:26 am
and young people write to you. are you surprised that people think that they have relationships with people they have never met? >> and it isn't just young people alisyn. that's the interesting thing. it cuts through generations. i do have a dating advice column and i cannot get over how many times i get emails from women and men both saying that they are not only dating but sometimes engaged to a man or woman they have never met. and there is a delusion. the writing is on the electronic wall but people just want to ignore it entirely because we have such a desperate need for love that needs to be fulfilled. even if it's not quote, real life. >> alisyn: that's incredible. dr. ablow you heard what diana just said they are engaged to people they never met. does that give you more sympathy and should it give all of us more sim patty for what happened to manti te'o? >> manti te'o has already admitted that even after he he knew it was a hoax and f. it weighs a hoax that he perpetuated because he was
8:27 am
embarrassed. people can judge whether he needs psychological help which i think he might. yes, the fact that engaged to those they have never met and fall in love with ghosts should give us all a heads up. we literally have kids who adopt penguins online and grieve over the fact that these, play penguins don't seem happy if they don't play with them enough. this is a set up to lose reality, to not be able to tackle your own problems or those of our culture. it is the greatest drug that this species has known because both diana and i have facebook accounts and, yet, we are identifying it as a dangerous drug. >> alisyn: it's everywhere. diana, you say you have a close friend who was a victim of a very similar hoax. this isn't as rare as we think it is. >> this isn't new, too. this is a good thing that this happened in such a public way because we are discussing it. we are showing that there is a downside to online dating. isn't just happy go-lucky find love.
8:28 am
did i have a very accomplished businessman very logical who became illogical or the promise or idea of love. he was ready to go and see this woman he never met. he claimed to be in love with her. bought a plane ticket to find out that she was using pictures that were adrianna lima's and i thought come on, buddy, you have to realize this woman doesn't have a striking resemblance to adrianna lima and this is a fake. >> alisyn: add degree anna lima doesn't have to find love online she has been on our show many times she is lovely. facebook isn't going away. social networking isn't going away. what is the lesson we are supposed to take away from this? >> here is one lesson. it's not just the manti te'os. it's us. we have to do an inventory to find out in which ways we have been intoxicated by these technologies and social networking. the listen is this. if you have got kids get them a pet. let they interact with something real. get them outside.
8:29 am
make them compete in sports. don't give them ribbons when they don't win. get back to the truth as antidote to this most terrifying psychological epidemic that can lay low our entire culture. >> alisyn: diana, very quickly last word. >> i would say don't give up on online dating. use logic, be smart. do a background check and don't go weeks and months without actually meeting the person and always always put your safety first. >> alisyn: thank you. fascinating. you guys have revealed a lot that i didn't know. thank you. all right. remember the new york newspaper that posted names of legal gun owners and their addresses? well, what that paper is now doing that has everyone surprised. plus, are your new year's resolutions getting off track one month into the new year? clayton is going to change all of that for new just minutes. he has a gadget. for some people this is just pigskin and thread.
8:30 am
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8:33 am
>> oprah was pretty aggressive with him last night. i thought she did a great job. she got him to admit everything. here, take a look. >> did you ever take banned substances to improve your cycling performance? >> yes. >> were you behind the manti te'o hoax? >> yes. >> did you advise the nfl to hire the replacement ref? >> yes. >> are you the one who turned all those baseball players on to steroids? >> yes. >> did you bet often baseball with pete rose? >> yes. >> were you involved in the saints bounty gate scandal. >> yes. >> did you help the white sox fix the 1919 world series? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> alisyn: that sounded like gail king's voice that they used over oprah. i wonder if she did a joke with her friend.
8:34 am
>> i doubt it pretty funny. >> alisyn: meanwhile if you are just waking up. bp gas plant still under siege at this hour by terrorists. american hostage frederick patacio died yesterday during algerian army's rescue attempt. at least 12 hostage have been killed since the raids started wednesday. many were able to escape and are now on their way home. >> i think they did a fantastic job. i was very impressed with the algerian army. very beings sighted -- excited episode. i feel sorry for anybody who has been hurt. [inaudible] friends and family. >> americans are still being held and u.s. officials reject an offer by the terrorists to release two americans for the release of two convicted terrorists including this man the blind sheikh omar abdel rockman he is the man behind the world trade center bombing. after harsh backlash the
8:35 am
journal news is removing names and addresses from web sites. president janet hasson says the decision to remove was not because of strong criticism. she says, quote: the database has been public for 27 days and we believe those who wanted to view it have already done so. the decision comes days after two houses listed on that map were burglarized. >> well, for the seconds time in just over a month. honda announcing a huge recall. nearly 750,000 odyssey and pilots are being recalled because of a driver's side air bag problem. honda says it may not inflate correctly because of missing rivots. affected owners will be contacted next month. talk about a not so smooth criminal. a robber crashes through the ceiling of a liquor store in houston, texas bringing a whole new meaning to breaking. breaking and entering. the event came down and he crawled right out. dozens of bottles of booze was destroyed.
8:36 am
the owner says this is the second time this thing has happened. the robber actually made it out with an unknown amount of booze. cigarettes, and cash. he has not been caught yet. probably because is he sloping off a wicked bad hangover. >> clayton: they could probably smell him. >> walking mixed drink like our own rick reichmuth. >> rick: that's just what's coming out of my pores. why don't do you weather like you did headlines before? take a look at the weather maps right now, clayton. >> clayton: it is cold out there today. it's going to be cold up through the midwest, 32 in minneapolis. but that's going to change, right, rick? >> rick: it is but what what abt tomorrow? >> it's going to get really cold. i don't have a college degree to do this. 40 degrees in minneapolis. minus five in fargo which is usually 80 degrees this time of year. >> rick: what about mopped?
8:37 am
>> clayton: monday colder. look at this map. negative 7 in fargo. marquette 2. negative numbers. >> alisyn: i have never had it explained quite as sophisticatedly. >> clayton: rick has a seal from the american meteorological society. >> rick: i will lend it to you after i'm finished eating the popcorn. no big snow except around the lakes. cold we have to deal with. inauguration weather monday though people worried about that not that bad about 35 degrees mostly sunny skies. >> alisyn: you can go back to eating your popcorn. >> tucker: it is time for a status check. probably you made new years resolutions. how are you keeping up with them? >> do you need help getting yourself back on track? clayton morris is here, believe it or not, with an app. for that what have you got for us? >> clayton: couple of apps to
8:38 am
help you keep your new year's resolutions. many of them are free and they work great. these aren't me just blowing smoke. i use these on a regular basis. start with my favorite. lose it. this is a great weight loss app. helps you track all of the food that you eat on a regular basis. helps you lose weight by making you accountable for the food you eat. go into the app. you type in what food you had. and it categorizes it for the day. if you want to lose weight and not suffer by eating just salads every day, you just count the calories and track your goals. if you want to lose two pounds a week and get down to goal weight it let's you know how much under your current car lowers. >> clayton: it will bar code scan. >> tucker: by brand. >> starbucks, all of that stuff on it. free. >> alisyn: i know you are the love of the pedometer. >> clayton: day one. strive smart pedometer.
8:39 am
track your steps another free app. strive has made this a game to lose weight. so it works with your smart phone's slertd ter. accelerometer. it sets up challenges through the day. if they make exercise fun. check in get like a little hey in the next 10 minutes walk 1,000 steps. you can do that? and you say agree. and then maybe you walk around your office and go over to the water cooler track around and then you compete with your friends for points. the goal is that it is tracking all of your steps throughout the day and you are trying to reach certain goals and you tie that in with lose it and you start to seat pounds come off. i'm telling you these guys are great. i met them out at ces. they are doing a great job at this. >> tucker: a journal app.? >> clayton: one thing people do with new years resolutions i want to keep a journal thisser year. i started last year and i'm continuing this year. i use day one. it's a beautiful journal on ios. a beautiful job of designing an app. they should win a design award because it's so beautiful.
8:40 am
can you add photos. use your voice if you are driving and want to do voice dictation while you are driving whether you have something on your mind it goes into the app. it sinks across all of your devices. i notice when you are start journaling you are more aware of what you have done with your family and keep track things of that are important. >> alisyn: what does your imaginary girlfriend say in your journal? >> clayton: she won't speak to me. it's a male's voice. particular tuck is there an app. that it actually exists? >> clayton: ever note. you have got that drunk drawer in your house where you keep everything. just out and have an idea for a project you want to work on or new business you want to start. no app. in the world better than evernote. food that you like, wine that you like, ideas that you have, create separate notebooks. meals that you are out at restaurants. favorite places you have visited. they have teamed up with the folks from molecule -- mole
8:41 am
skin. scroll your notes down and grab your smart phone and take a photo of the paper and because it's evernote ready it will recognize your handwriting, turn it into text and keep it searchable within the evernote database. >> alisyn: impossible. ically clay i love photograph. different photograph notes. >> tucker: i'm assuming you are being serious. >> alisyn: it's a brave new world, tucker that you are not part of it. >> clayton: new smart notebooks from mol skin that's great and i love. this if you have any question about any of these apps find me on twitter i'm clayton morris. i will walk you through all of them. >> tucker: thank you, clayton. first they made marijuana illegal. pot festival. is it in your backyard? we will tell you where it is and who is really paying the price? >> alisyn: one man's trash another man's treasure. one of the stars of american pickers is here to prove that adage next.
8:42 am
♪ [ male announcer ] after years of celebrations, marie callender's gives you a way to make any day a special occasion. new mini cream pies for one. real whip cream and a cookie-crumb crust. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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8:45 am
cut down on the amount of fat in the blood. so get up from the table. for more information go to go over to tucker. >> tucker: the seed has been planted with medical marijuana 18 states in the country.
8:46 am
recreational use legal in colorado and washington states. new concerns are cropping up on who these new laws will effect. joining us now with syndicated columnist naomi schaefer riley. thank you so much for doing. this high times which has held the marijuana cup for many years in amsterdam is now moving that to colorado. another sign of the mainstreaming of marijuana. light up a marlboro red that's immoral light up a joint that's cool. why is that bad. >> a lot of people are talking about how the arrests for drug use are having lower imincome impact on lowerrer communities. i talked to a number of experts for my column. one expert told me in the first year after pot is legalized consumption could go up 10%. everyone agrees that the people who are going to be smoking it are the people with the fewest responsibilities the young and the poor. i think this will have problematic effect. pot is basically something that makes you docile. it makes you not really
8:47 am
interested interested in contributing to much. making your mark on society. we have a very low labor force participation rate among poor and low income men. i think it looks like they are going to be the ones taking advantage of new laws to be smoking pot. >> that's a really good point. advocates say incorrectly in my view unlike drinking probably not going to beat anyone up after smoking pot. it does make you passive and boring and self-focused in the middle of a recession, do we really need more people who are lazy? >> right, absolutely not. i think the other thing is that, you know, basically american life these days is about freedom and having a lot of choices. you have sexual choices, drug choices, all sorts of choices. and middle class parents and upper like parents have taught their children self-control. they teach them they don't too much. your career is important. these are things that get drilled into the minds of kids from those kind of homes. if you are growing up in poor or low income neighborhood.
8:48 am
self-control issue is not drilled into your head. so, taking advantage of things that now are going to be perfectly legal i think will be even more prevalent. >> tucker: your point is it will effect all of us but the poor. >> exactly. >> tucker: kind of depressing. >> i think so. a the lo of times when we talk about these issues. all we can think about is i want more freedom for me to be able to do all these things. we don't think sometimes about what that freedom is going to mean for other people. i mean, there is a parallel here i think with the sexual revolution which has affected certain segments of our population, much more harmfully than other segments. >> if you think it's great go to amsterdam for a week. >> exactly. let me know how it goes. >> bombshell study about autism. can children grow out of it doctor who specializes in it. they can turn your clutter into hard cash. one of the stars of the hit show american pickers joins us coming up. [ male announcer ] let's say you pay your guy around 2% to manage your money.
8:49 am
8:50 am
that's not much, you think. except it's 2% every year. go to e-trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs. spoiler alert: it's low. it's guidance on your terms, not ours. e-trade. less for us. more for you.
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> clayton: welcome back. picking is his passion. our next guest travels through the back roads of america and turns one man's clutter into another man's cash. >> what do you got to have for that. >> 200. >> 150? do you want to go less? >> yes. >> he wants to go less. 100 bucks. >> you guys don't need to barter. you are going to barter with everybody else. >> i will let roger do all the negotiating. >> are you talking to talk him down anymore? >> 150. >> is that it?
8:53 am
all right. 150. >> all right. >> and mike wolf from american pickers is here. welcome back, mike. >> thank you so much. it's an honor to be here. >> alisyn: this doesn't look like trash. these look fancy. where do you find things like this. >> well, this is a new -- this is a 2013 indian. last one from north carolina. polaris has now bought the company. new bikes going to be made in iowa in spirit lake. >> you are here in manhattan because the motorcycle show is going on and one of your big passions of course indian motorcycles and motorcycles in general. how would you say american pickers has taken off it's become in phenomenon. my producer good afternoon is this gavin this is his american show american picker. >> sounds like he has good tastes. why has the show taken off? why is it such a success? >> we all have that sense of adventure, curiosity and travel and treasure hunt. that's what the show is about.
8:54 am
the show is about relationships that people have with their items. i think it speaks to a lot of different people if you want to scratch a lottery ticket on a friday if you are at a garage sale it's a show about all of us. >> show about objects. beautiful american made objects this being one of the prettiest. this is a flat head indian part of the original analogy run from springfield, massachusetts. suicide shifter. where did you get this bike? are there still bikes like this in barnes undiscovered, do you think? >> there are still barn finds. this bike came out oof tennessee. danielle bought this bike on the show. she is the girl on the show. >> what did she pay for it? do you know? >> i think it was around $8,000. it didn't look like this. it was very rough. and then rick's american restoration which is another show on history actually restored this bike for us. 1935 chief. it's a beautiful bike. the very rare bike. now it's more beautiful. >> i like that. will it hold 35 pounds? >> and you can ride side saddle? >> i would ride it you would be riding side saddle on the
8:55 am
bike. >> hard to process. someone has a bike like this sitting in a barn they don't know the value. you swoop in you sigh the value in it and make them an offer they can't refuse? >> there is all different stages of value as far as the condition it is found in. what's missing. how difficult it is to find those parts. so this bike was missing a lot of stuff. and this is a very rare bike. so it was difficult to find the parts for it itself. this is a classic indian motor cycle. indian is the first american motorcycle. you know, so that's why i'm here. i'm at the international motorcycle show i'm going to be there at noon and signing autographs and talking to people about this brand. this is is a brand of motorcycle that people have been living with in america for 112 years. >> how quick is this bike? >> this bike i would say probably the maximum speed on it is maybe around 60 mile-per-hour. 65. but the crews speed where it feels comfortable is probably around 50, 55. >> what is the oddest item? what is the oddest item that
8:56 am
you have ever found picked out of someone's trash, barn, whatever and made money off of it? >> i found a life size rubber afl yen suit from a movie. >> alisyn: from clayton's house. >> a movie. it was a prop from the movie. sci-fi movie. kind of an epic. >> clayton: classic. i know this movie well. >> are you familiar with it? >> clayton: i am familiar with it. >> in a basement in milwaukee. mystery science theater ended up turning that into a movie on its own actually i think a few years ago. see, i do know my sci-fi. >> alisyn: wow. >> clayton: you will be at the motorcycle show in manhattan what time. >> noon to three. >> if you are in new york city come by and see mike. >> show airs 8:00 mondays and fridays on history channel. >> alisyn: thank you, mike. very cool. >> clayton: this is one ali is taking home.
8:57 am
>> tucker: the senate passes a budget or congress doesn't get paid. is this a good idea? we report. you decide. >> alisyn: then the lying game two high profile athletes caught in the middle of two big lies. what does this say about our culture?
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's saturday, january 19th, i'm alisyn camerota. we have a fox news alert because this story keeps changing. we got word that the hostage crisis in algeria could be coming to an end. a live report on the latest moments away. >> tucker: plus, the all american notre dame gridiron player, manti te'o speaks out about his girlfriend hoax, how he was duped. >> clayton: and lance armstrong says he wants back on the bike. >> if you're asking me do i want to compete again? the answer is hell yes. this may not be the most
9:01 am
popular answer, but i think i deserve it. >> clayton: hell yes is his answer. didn't lance just lie to oprah? what the feds are saying this morning about something he said on her show he. we'll debate it and talk about it coming up. "fox & friends" hour four, this is the fourth hour? >> it is. >> clayton: it starts right now. ♪ >> hey, good morning again shall everyone shall thanks for joining us, we're defrosting, we were riding cool rides. >> clayton: the american pickers, great to see these guys. >> tucker: you were astride the indian. >> alisyn: that's, cool. you know all about motorcycles. >> clayton: you hide it well, but as a jersey girl. >> alisyn: that's my natural thing riding sidesaddle on a chopper. >> clayton: and you are a real girl unlike one of the imagery
9:02 am
girls we have been talking about all week as relates to the manti te'o saga and we're hearing from manti te'o from notre dame and he's given an interview with jeremy schapp on espn and he appears to be a bit of a victim, but says he did manipulate some of the stories so was less embarrassed to tell his parents. >> alisyn: and can i read what he said, i haven't had a chance yet. here is how manti te'o explains how he was duped. i knew that. i even knew that it was crazy that i was with somebody that i didn't meet and that alone people find out that this girl who died, i was so invested in and i didn't meet her as well. so i kind of tailored my stories to, yeah, i met her before she passed away. i wasn't faking it it, i wasn't part of it. when people hear the facts, they'll know, they'll know
9:03 am
there's no way i could be a part of this. >> clayton: way to go manti. >> tucker: he convinced me. anybody who could speak a sentence like that, probably incapable of constructing a hoax this complex. >> clayton: it's a little sad. >> tucker: it is. >> clayton: i feel like he was probably taken advantage of certainly, he seems naive in the whole situation, he did lie as he admitted to his father about having met kekua as he said in that interview that he manipulated the timeline when his parents were curious, obviously, she passed away and of course, he went back and wouldn't seem to his family he never met her in the first place. >> alisyn: how did it happen, he did lie to his father about actually meeting his girlfriend and he also, he says, did try to speak with her several times via skype and facetime, when he would call the number, he would only see a black box. you know, you could see his face and then he'd hear a girl's voice and they would have a real conversation, he thought it was malfunctioning at that moment. >> clayton: let me explain
9:04 am
something to you. from a technology standpoint. when you try to facetime someone, someone would have to on the other side and take the phone like an iphone the only way to do facetime, have to hide it. it didn't just go black, would have to put it in a pock and someone on the other side was intentionally keeping the screen dark and only hearing a female's voice, on the plot pretending to be this girl, talking on the phone with him on a repeated basis, but never once showing her face. >> tucker: it's possible he was a simple man with regard to technology i am a simple man so i have sympathy for him, but maybe he's a symbol of a generation used to conducting relationships, i'm using air quotes around that, with people online, and people they don't actually spend physical time with. >> alisyn: it's shocking to some of us who haven't lived in the facebook generation as long as some 20 year olds, this is happening more and more and people get to engaged
9:05 am
to people they never met. and he explained to espn he tried to meet his girlfriend several occasions every time he showed up where they would meet there was somebody else in her stead, with an excuse why she couldn't be there. >> clayton: this happened to me in college all the time. >> alisyn: i believe it. >> clayton: supposed to meet a girl and find a guy-- >> engaged without meeting each other. >> alisyn: yes, we just heard-- >> we had that segment. >> alisyn: it's not just 20-something year olds. in the world of online dating, you could have a fairly intimate relationship albeit not physical, but-- >> i thought it was prisoners. >> and prisoners getting married to people they've never met, just penpals. the story is more and more bizarre. >> tucker: kind of depressing. it's good to sit with people on have a meal with them.
9:06 am
>> clayton: he's on the new york post and apparently the girl he'd been seeing the past two months there's photos of he and a girl sitting on santa's lap, was he dating this girl. >> tucker: was it really santa? >> that's right. >> alisyn: excellent question. >> clayton: that's the question. >> alisyn: let's got your headlines. it was thought to be a potential break in the murder of border patrol agent brian terry and turns out it was a lie. the fbi says that gustavo cruz changed his tune killing terry once he was brought in for question. he admitted he was not telling the truth because he wanted more attention and charged in another case of threatening to kill a sheriff in texas. outgoing treasury secretary timothy geithner missing major red flags of the coming crisis. and he served as president of the new york federal reserve according to meeting transcripts, geithner and other fed officials said they
9:07 am
thought that market troubles were not severe and would be temporary and no indication that major financial institutions were having major problems. which superstar will kick off the super bowl this year? ♪ this girl is on fire ♪ ♪ this girl is on fire ♪ >> that's a good song. and the nfl announced alicia keyes will sing the national anthem on february third, her third time singing at the festivities more than any other performer and beyonce at half time. >> clayton: she has a good agent. >> alisyn: and a good super bowl. >> clayton: she has good talent and a good agent. let's check with rick reichmuth in the studio and ear going to do the weather this time, i'm not. >> rick: we'll go back to the whole thing. and hey, so it's mid january and you start thinking snow and you want snow. look what's going to happen, one clipper moves across the great lakes, very light snow
9:08 am
except the u.p. of michigan, the day on tuesday, snow towards boston and portland, maine, another stripe, another clipper moving in across parts of the northern plains and going through wednesday and thursday and a little more snow in the northern plains, that's it, no snow across the rockies or the west, or the mid atlantic. so we're going to remain snowless, but it's cold and this is good news, at least the snow part. it's going to inauguration monday looking at 35 degrees mid day. a little bit of cloud cover, maybe a flurry or two in the afternoon, but overall not looking that bad and today looking good. clearer skies across the east and only problems a little of that lake effect snow in and around the great lakes. guys. >> thank you so much. we're just getting some traffic here from what's going on right now capitol hill from the stage manager because we have a live look what's happening now at the house. house republicans now offering up a potential path forward on the debt ceiling standoff, but a new fox news poll out this morning says that americans in general want the spending to
9:09 am
stop and this was sort of the argument from republicans going forward, which was, we're going to try to tie the debt ceiling to spending cuts and the president says i was not going to negotiate on that. the debt ceiling is something you guys have voted on, already put all of these bills out there. we need to pay for the bills now. >> tucker: here is what the public says accord to go a fox news poll. 69% want the debt limit raised only after major cuts to federal spending, while 22% say, yes, raise that debt limit, it's reckless not to. the problem is that spending, this is not a figment of anyone's imagination, not a talking point. it's a math question to anyone with google and a handout calculator. the debt is out of control. 16.4, but keep in mind that's an official made up, that's washington accounting, that does not take into account any of the liabilities attached to entitlement spending, so we've promised seniors medicaid and medicare. and promised seniors social
9:10 am
security and those are debts and they're not included in the debt number. >> and tucker, isn't it astounding that the republicans who dug in their heels the last time around, when there was a big debt ceiling debate and this time around they said we're not going to give the president is pass, they will for three months, said they're kicking the can down the road again. this is what congress does so well, is that we have a huge looming problem, let's decide on it and deal with it in three months from now. >> tucker: and yes, it's a gimmick, but warms my heart and most american regardless of party feels the same way, if under this proposed bill congress does not cut spending and write up a budget, which they haven't done in three years in the senate, then members of congress will forfeit their pay. don't do your job, don't get paid. >> clayton: you're right to call it a gimmick, and i've never heard you agree with nancy pelosi. >> tucker: it's a wonderful gimmick, i endorse, why not? why are we paying these people if they're not writing budgets. >> clayton: they can't cash a paycheck unless they do their
9:11 am
job. number one, they don't know if it's constitutional, you stop congress getting paid as a result of it. the second part, it could be a gimmick and we'll have to relitigate this in three months ago frustrates american businesses and they don't know what to do. >> alisyn: will the national nightmare ever stop? >> you would think they'd be thinking beyond the next quarter. we just said our debt rating downgraded, right? >> and here is a new fox news channel poll. and the question was, is government spending managed carefully or out of control? hmmm, what do you think people said mostly? >> i would love to know the 11%, who are you. >> alisyn: 83% of people think it's out of control and that obviously is up from two years ago, and up from three years ago, and on and on. >> clayton: really, who are the 11%? please, if you are one of the 11%, write to me this morning, i would like to-- >> what's your home number? >> 1-800-555 reach that number
9:12 am
and leave a voice mail message. >> alisyn: this story keeps change, word that the hostage crisis in algeria might be coming to an end. and we'll tell you how that could be happening. >> tucker: two high profile athletes caught in the middle of two big lies. what does that say about today's sports culture and our culture at large? veteran sports journalist, bonnie burke. hello, ladies and gentlemen. ♪ that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc
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9:15 am
>> we're sick and tired of these allegations and we're going to do everything we can to fight them. they're absolutely untrue. >> why me? why them? why all in one day? six hours ago i found out my grandpa passed away and you
9:16 am
take, you know the love of my life. >> call it the lying game. two huge stories in the world of sports revealed to be totally phony. lance armstrong who now admits to doping after years of denials and lawsuits and manti te'o, the star linebacker at notre dame says he was the victim of an enormous catfish-style hoax, revealing his girlfriend doesn't exactly. >> clayton: and between the two of them, and bonnie burke took to twitter, wrote this, between armstrong and te'o's stories this week, i feel like we've all been slimed. >> alisyn: and she's here and great to have you. let's start with lance. where do you think was the headline of his sit-down with oprah? >> well, it's a two parter and in watching the second part last night, what resonated most with me was that just about the time he started to sound contrite, he said, he deserves to be able to compete
9:17 am
again. and his rationale mind that, all the other people who admitted to doping in the sport, they confessed and gave information and only had to serve a six month suspension and he is banned from competing in sanctioned sports for life. >> alisyn: he called it a death penalty? >> no, i don't think so, he had opportunity upon opportunity upon opportunity to come clean and he hasn't and really, this -- he has literally hit rock bottom, personally and financially, and now he's finally. >> tucker: there's no chance he can compete again. >> no, there absolutely is. if he goes to the u.s. anti-doping agency and starts giving names as to the group of people who helped facilitate this huge doping ring, one thing he didn't do during the oprah interview and she asked for names, he said he didn't want to throw anybody out of the bus.
9:18 am
>> clayton: will they reduce-- >> it's a lifetime ban, but if he testifies and gives names, the suspension could be-- >> let's talk about the feds. in the second part of the interview, looks like he may have lied to oprah because the u.s. anti-doping agency coming out and basically saying, well, go back, oprah asked him in 2009, in 2010, did you do this? he said no. >> yeah. >> clayton: so he's lawyered up and he says 2005, and there's a statute of limitation, the reason he says 2005. the statute is up. >> if he mentions 2009 and 2010-- >> what it comes down for armstrong he did hesperately was to compete and talked about his family, and the only time he got emotional during the interview when he talked about
9:19 am
discussing with his son, and he's 13 years old and defending him in school and he went to him and said don't defend me. and i think this is about competing again. and he has this and that will never die. >> alisyn: and let's talk about manti te'o. and you said you feel slimed. what about his story grosses you out. >> i personally in trying to piece together the information and finally he spoke with an espn reporter last night and sort of laid out his version of the story. what i felt all along is that he was duped. he was a victim of a hoax. that said, he still lied and i wrote a blog about it yesterday on my website, and in just trying to put myself in the mind of a 21-year-old, i know a lot of people our age who date online and not terribly comfortable with it and when they share how these two people got together, sort of fudge the story and manti
9:20 am
te'o said the reason why he lied about actually meeting lennay kekua and lied to his father, basically he was embarrassed that he'd developed strong emotional ties to a woman he'd never met before. >> tucker: well, that's a little embarrassing. can we -- what's the outcome, can we trust sports or anything we see into the backgrounds of the people is real? >> i will say this time and time again. we as journalists have to do due diligence, really, there was nothing in this kid's track record throughout his time at notre dame that gave anybody any idea that he wasn't completely honest and genuine, but i think bigger picture, tucker, is that we have a propensity to put athletes on pedestals. and i think we, as adults, and as adults who have children need to be able to differentiate between add hiring what people do on the field of play, and admiring them for people. unless an athlete or somebody of prominence in the sports world says, i want to be
9:21 am
considered a role model, i don't consider you a role model and that's on us, that we put these people on the mount olympus of sports. >> alisyn: thanks so much for being here, nice to see you. >> clayton: coming up on the show, a bombshell new study about autism. children can grow out of it? you have to stick around for that. wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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>> fox news alert. minutes ago we just learned that the hostage crisis in algeria could be coming to an end. sky news's alex crawford joins us live from mali, what's the latest you're hearing, alex? >> reporter: well, we heard a few hours ago that the algerian special forces who had circled this remaining group of islamists who's hunkered down inside the gas complex, we heard they were
9:25 am
going to begin their final assault. that final assault appear to have started and earlier on we found out that during that final raid on the complex, 16 of the hostages were freed, amongst them two americans, and also, as they were presumably going through the gas compound, they discovered 15 burned bodies as well as 24 corpses which have already been recovered and taken to the company's morgue. we're hearing that although, according to the british foreign secretary that final assault is not yet over, according to algerian news outlets and government sources there, 11 of the militants have been killed, along with the remaining seven hostages. at the moment, there's no idea about the nationalities involved, but still, a very fluid situation and according to the british foreign secretary, it's still ongoing. >> clayton: all right, alex crawford live for us in mali
9:26 am
with the latest. keep it tuned on fox news channel we'll have more on developing stories throughout the morning. >> alisyn: now a segment so many parents are interested in. a brand new study and giving those diagnosed with autism some reason to hope today. there's new research that shows that some children may be able to outgrow the disorder later in life. and here is the doctor from albert einstein medical college. >> good to be here. >> alisyn: a controversial study done by the university of connecticut just published by the journal of child psychology, because most people don't think that children can outgrow autism. what do you make of the findings? >> right, well, it's an interesting study that shows a group of children with optimal outcome and they have ceptionly no symptoms of autism when they get older. >> alisyn: were these kids who naturally outgrew autism or with years and years of
9:27 am
therapy and medical intervention their symptoms abated. >> that's just not known. it turns out a wide variety of different outcomes. some individuals have a very good outcome, but this study didn't specifically look at whether particular interventions were associated with the better outcome. >> alisyn: that's the problem. you don't want to give parents of kids with autism false hope, that somehow their children can naturally outgrow it if in fact it was years and years of medicine and therapy. >> right, and the vast majority of individuals with autism don't have this optimal outcome, but in fact, there's a small subgroup which may have the optimal outcome. we don't know, but some people don't seem to make the diagnosis and have pretty good social skills when they're older. >> alisyn: you say social skills, kids able to connect
9:28 am
better better eye contact and kids who were socially, you wouldn't be able to detect they were once diagnosed with autism. >> through systemic studies, these people didn't really meet the criteria of autism, but as children they met full criteria for autism so these people have optimal outcome and i think it's a small subgroup of the autism community, but we don't know whether these people have certain compensatory mechanisms or interventions that were good for them. >> alisyn: certainly we need more answers, but certainly a glimmer of hope for parents, but they need to get more information. thank you for breaking it down. >> a pleasure. >> alisyn: remember the new york newspaper that posted the names of legal gun owners and addresses, well, that paper now is doing something that has everyone surprised. then surrounded by the s.w.a.t. team, police officers and choppers swarm the home of
9:29 am
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♪ >> there's your shot of the morning. today is national popcorn day, happy npd.
9:33 am
all morning we've been popping on the plaza and robin and renee are the husband and wife team are the co-founders of doc popcorn. happy popcorn day and what does it mean? >> we're excited to be here, an awesome, awesome time. it's fun and family and play and sharing and what popcorn is about. one of those days i look forward to all year long. >> did you imagine? >> popcorn is an american innovation, is it not? >> it is, it is. we were thinking american indian, mexican indian as well so it's been around for pretty much ever. >> tucker: so this is an indigenous snack not like the hot dog from europe, we made here. >> american grown. >> americans consume 17 billion quarts of popcorn each year. >> tucker: no way. >> yeah, way. >> 1.6 billion dollar industry and frankly we don't think it's done well. and movie theater popcorn, a bad rap and heavily coated
9:34 am
popcorn and doc popcorn, indulgent and why we're the largest. >> tucker: this is not your grandfather's popcorn. >> that's right. >> tucker: how esoteric, far out does it get. >> crazy flavors like sinfully cinnamon you'll be popping in a moment. there's sweet butter, an amazing kettle corn with a light butter glaze. there's a whole range of awesome flavors and we produce this all with an amazing team. we're a franchise company, we're growing very quickly because of the smaezing scheme that we have. and melin, larry and steve, and they are-- >> franchise group. >> tucker: fantastic. >> remarkable. >> tucker: honestly, this is the best national popcorn day i've ever spent and great i spent it with you. >> can we take you through a pop experience? >> indeed. we're going to take it to weather and we're going to eat
9:35 am
off camera. rick, i spent a lot of national popcorn days, usually alone in my bedroom. >> in a movie theater. >> tucker: it's an awesome business to be in and working with amazing folks and appreciate you guys having us today. it's a blast. >> rick: i've eat and entire bag, not just for dinner, or the movies. it's a good weekend to go to the movies for a lot of people in the northern plains. here you go. today not so bad. pick your city there, tomorrow, and temps plummet, only to a high of minus 5 in fargo and 4 in minneapolis and minneapolis you're not going to get above zero, this is the coldest day that you've had since 2009. we're talking about four years it's been this cold so, very, very cold and today your forecast quickly across the northeast, not that bad. enjoy it, a warm-up for almost
9:36 am
everyone, down to the south, plenty of sunshine and sunny the next five to six days into the northern plains and today is your day to do anything and tomorrow the temps drop and across the west, enjoy the nice temperatures, you deserve it after the very, very cold temperatures you've had, ali. >> alisyn: and shocking attack on two arizona police officers has been caught on camera, take a look at this. this 25-year-old man here punching a detention officer as he he's being put into a cell and other police then ran to help, but the guy keeps swinging and he was eventually tasered and handcuffed. turns out arrested earlier nor attacking four rotc students and they tried to raise the flag in front of their high school. meanwhile, constant controversial law stripping unions of collective bargaining rights is allowed to stand. the appeals court rules it constitutional, reversing a lower court's decision which struck down part of the law. after an unsuccessful recall
9:37 am
election for governor scott walker. >> i've said all along that i was confident that the reforms we enacted, and would allow government put the power, and would proven to be constitutional. >> several unions that sued to overturn the law are expected to appeal this. >> here is the scene at the bruce and kris jenner home, also known as the kardashian home. police shut down the area and at the street. the call was a fake making the family the latest, quote, victims. kendall jenner posted these and said it's a terrible trend where people do fake calls to 911 and say there's a gunman on the loose. that's horrible. and so the kardashians were the victim. >> clayton: even if they are the kardashians. >> alisyn: don't do it to them either. >> clayton: let's talk about this right now, give tucker a
9:38 am
minute to catch his breath, he's running back in from grabbing popcorn. >> tucker: i feel totally at peace, happy national pop corner day. >> clayton: the fumes of popco popcorn. >> alisyn: and-- >> and now, polling the numbers and addresses and they published the names and addresses of legal gun owners on their website and had it up there for like 27 days, they've yanked it down off the website and why, why suddenly this turn of events? well, janet hassan the publisher says today the journal news has removed the permit data from the website. our decision to do so is not a concession to critics that no value was served. on the contrary we've heard from too many great community members to consider our decision to post information contained in the public record to have been a mistake. >> alisyn: wow. >> clayton: wow! she's a word smith. nor is our decision made because we were intimidated by
9:39 am
those who threatened the safety of our staffers. we know our business is a controversial one, and we do not cower. well, indeed they do and rightfully so. the point of this exercise was to conflate legal gun owners people who obeyed the law and seek by and large to protect their own families with lunatics who shoot children in schools. it was totally specious, and a commentary on the second amendment and practice tig etio. >> alisyn: and begs the question, why do they take it down? >> apparently two houses whose addresses they put on the website were burglarized. >> clayton: or the new york law, the other question. >> alisyn: it was certainly-- >> we've done our job or was it the burglaries. >> alisyn: oh, no, no, after the burglaries, they still have the addresses and map up, but lawmakers went to the
9:40 am
state capital and quickly passed a law that exists in some other states that says you cannot publish the names and addresses of people, law abiding folks like this, so they had to comply with the law, that's the only reason they took it down. >> clayton: i come back and you bring us editorial, tucker, where was the journalism in this whole thing? if there was any information that-- 27 days this thing was on their website. did we learn in that 27 days that all of these names and addresses, these family members that were on this list, none of them had ever committed a crime, that, no, we don't pull any actual journalism from any of this information, right? >> no we learn another example of cultural bigotry on the media. they don't know anyone that owns a gun. a fox poll shows majority of households in in country, knows someone that owns a gun, it's mainstream to hunt you're not a weirdo if you do that. people who run this newspaper and news room in the country you're some kind after freak or a threatening figure if you
9:41 am
own a gun. there's a huge disconnect between the media and the country they're supposed to be covering. >> alisyn: they've now legally had to change their position on it. super storm sandy crushed homes, if you're not part of a union don't bother to try to help with the cleanup effort. we'll explain that theory next. >> clayton: and johnnie football busted, oh, just here a couple weeks on the couch. and johnny manziel, what he did that has him in trouble with the law. what did you do, johnnie? and neil with the cost of freedom business block. >> good morning, ahead of the swearing in, some lawmakers pushing to swear off the debt ceiling, well, they want a blank check. our gang is here with a reality check. why the mainstream media is working hard to provide its coverage of the health care law. and the best way to move your kid to the head of the class. cost of freedom is at the top of the hour. we'll see you then.
9:42 am
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>> let me read you some quick headlines. a texas judge could be in hot water after posting details on facebook about a speeding ticket giving texas a & m johnny manziel. the judge never uses his name, but a recent heisman trophy winner. and he could face disciplinary action. and a hollywood couple making news for big screen romance and robert pattinson and kristin stewart, highest grossing online scheme, not grossest, grossing. and the twilight saga, the two grossed more than 2 billion dollars. >> clayton: you were reading my mind. >> alisyn: i know that. >> clayton: new jersey could use all the help it could get after super storm sandy ravaged the state. democratic lawmakers in jersey only want unions to participate in the cleanup. >> tucker: democrats pushed a bill through the state senate that would make sure nonunion
9:46 am
companies would be excluded from construction contracts. voted down party lines eddie sullivan is a construction worker and founder of 9/11 pledge and blue collar corner. you're a union guy, you're not anti-union. so what happened here? how does the union only manage to get these, theels construction and rebuilding jobs when the whole state needs this work? people need to come in and try to help as much as they can. you're basically saying half the people don't come in, you're not union. >> i think the whole thing was political in nature, especially the fact that this union organizer, mr. sweeney, is not only a union organizer, he's also the president of the new jersey senate. >> clayton: and he also, by the way, was the one that had said if i'm not mistaken, who said that governor christie was praying for hurricane sandy to hit new jersey. this is true and also, political in nature. why? balls governor christie
9:47 am
actually has the support of the labor unions during his election run for governor. now, that in itself really put a, you know, a finger in the craw of the dnc. and i believe this whole thing is going to bring him into play, where he's going to have to make a decision, whereby he'll alienate his conservative block or alienate the unions. >> clayton: does this hurt victims of sandy? >> oh, yeah, and hurts the economy. needs start-up. we were talking about the possibly of a building boom occurring, especially in the tri state area. >> what's happening now, by the unions blocking out a huge territory, now these young start-up, mom and pop businesses, smaller contractors, can't get started. >> clayton: so it only serves to help, specifically the iron workers union that put this forward. is this only really helps the iron workers. it's not going to help the victims of hurricane sandy and it's not going to help the other small startups looking
9:48 am
to start up a small construction business to try to get help off the ground. >> and sets a tone. once a union comes into a certain territory, kind of setting up the frame work and once you do that, it's very hard to try to get in there and establish a company that's nonunion. >> clayton: basically, you're setting up a business on, sort of, as you say, sinister terms. >> yeah, very much so, i believe. >> so instead of a good natured business in the neighborhood coming in, setting up shop, everyone likes that business, they're coming in and basically taking advantage of the situation, am i wrong? >> no, no, you're absolutely right and i've got to tell you, especially after this election, the two groups hurt the most are unions due to poor leadership and the republicans. i think if we bring the two together, that they're really each other's solution. if we had-- you'd be surprised how many rank and file union members are conservatives in nature and we have this huge organic
9:49 am
block that if we actually extend an olive branch to them we could make some great things happen. >> and great to see you this morning, interesting story. sad people are taken advantage of. ap coming up on the show, just how easy it is to get the flu. we'll show you how simple it is to catch the flu with the help of this guy, this guy is a simulation guy. we're going to show you that. >> alisyn: that dummy. >> tucker: come on, ali. >> clayton: hey, that's turker, be nice!
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> the flu has reached epidemic levels in the u.s. this season. how easy is it to catch? it's very easy and this is what we do to new, new co-anchors who come on the
9:53 am
show. this is just sort after hazing process, tucker. and fox news's medical a-team, mark siegel is here and brought along a friend to show how fast flu germs can spread. >> alisyn, cough is the number one reason to see the doctor. airways irritated and try to get out the mucus and people don't realize when you cough it spreads up to 12 feet and even if you cover your mouth or use a tissue, open the car window, no matter what you do. the respiratory droplets go up to 12 feet and stay on surfaces and the flu you can actually catch from those surfaces. so, you have to really be careful about that. >> alisyn: that's why we have tucker in the hazmat suit. >> tucker: we're going to replicate the cough. >> this is going to show, they're invisible, but we'll show the path it takes so people can realize how you have to stay away from people that are coughing. >> alisyn: how to protect
9:54 am
yourself and why the flu has spread. >> you've got to wipe down surfaces, wash your hands and clean your hands properly. >> alisyn: i need to wear these, i think. >> exactly. >> alisyn: dr. siegel, can you show us exactly what happens when someone coughs? . [coughing] >> it's all over my coffee. >> see it travels in the air and we'll take a look and show-- >> that's repulsive! and this is actually, this is simulating a cough. >> exactly, and the respiratory droplets go faster, take a look at that, it's all in my coffee. >> can you see it in the coffee. >> alisyn: what are you doing now, dr. siegel. >> i'm showing exactly-- >> is it on? >> no power. >> oh, well, i trust me, i'm looking at these droplets or their representation here in white powder and they're everywhere and saturating my
9:55 am
coffee. >> can you see this, his coffee and arms. >> tucker, if you cough on your computer or table, you have to wipe those down with clorox. >> tucker: with clorox? >> you can get wipes, not just for your hands, but the surface. >> look at that, they're glowing. >> each represents a respiratory drop helet, could be loaded with virus, loaded with cold virus. >> i'm saturated in filth. >> if this hand touches tucker' face he gets the flu? >> we're getting out antibiotics, usually unnecessarily. these are usually viruses and you can't treat them with antibiotics. >> tucker: give us a short explanation, how can we beef up our immune system, he we can't avoid being coughed on. >> you can be aware that the cough travels this week, sleep properly, eat properly, don't get stressed and be aware when you're run down and more prone
9:56 am
to get sick like this. >> alisyn: also, i mean, this shows why we're supposed to wash our hands. >> not just wash your hands, if you can, if not the hand wipes are great. if you can't get to a sink, sing happy birthday and watch your hands for 30 seconds, use the hand wipes. >> alisyn: dr. marc siegel thank you for the great demonstration and thanks to our human patient simulator and to tucker carlson. >> we use these in medical schools. >> tucker: i was honored to be sneezed on by your man, thank you. >> and we want to thank kevin martin simulation center and folks at cae health care for loaning us these devices. >> i'm wearing my mask because of tucker, i don't want to he get-- >> of course you don't. now that i've been infected. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> well, thanks tucker for getting the flu virus in my coffee. >> tucker: i'll be dry cleaning my coat, too,


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